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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

If there is anything I love most besides shopping... its food and babies!
Met up my finally-finish-confinement BFF for a quick lunch before she went off to dye her hair and do her nails!

Love her to bits!

We're soooo proud of her.. from the wedding to the pregnancy and up to the point where she gave birth, - she's very very brave to me.

We did a quick one at Waraku Pasta, but I much prefer Shudoku in comparison.
The food wasnt fantastic, but thankfully the company was.

We miss the absent BFF coz she's so busy at work, and me with my work, and this BFF with baby work.. so we haven found the time to meet up this month yet!
But we talk almost everyday and sometimes we irritate each other thru sms too.
U wun believe how nonsensical some of our sms-es could be...

Going back to that day, I continued the mummy meeting with 3 other mummies and a daddy!
My big 'extended' family.

Baby En En has another brother/sister coming along the way!
Congrats my dearest friend.

With the rest of all my friends.

We had 3 babies that day at Coffee Club!
Oooohh.. Hello Kitty appeals to girls at any age!

I love them all~
Its been years since we knew one another and we've seen each other thru weddings, births and yes.. even domestic helpers.
I guess when u have a kid, the help needs to be alittle more focused on helping you and becoz u have a young child - the danger of slipping up increases. Hence the change if a helper is deemed unsuitable.

Thats why we are pretty pleased with BFF's new helper becoz she does seem genuine in taking care of our Godson and even if she's not perfect with her other chores - it doesnt really matter as long as she treats Kayden well.

I've heard too many horror stories from friends but sometimes I wonder if we Singaporeans are being nit-pickers.
Its not easy working in an unfamiliar environment and sometimes the language barrier is a big problem.
Helpers are human, - and they get lonely and homesick like us too.
But in our fast-paced society, we tend to be impatient and not understand that it might be of culture shock to the others who are not used to our way of living.

Similar experience anyone?

Im Jungle Boy's maid now and I understand how frustrating it can be sometimes.
Esp when he asks me to get him a glass of water when I just wanna throw the glass at him.

Ok bye bye everyone~
I wan to go kai kai already and if u all wanna tag me then please faster faster tag else later my darling jusMe say I always ownself direct ownself act in my tagbox.

Sigh~ tell u to call me bring u go out kai kai already dun wan.
What u like to do? Else if u got better lobang bring me go wash hair I also dun mind!

Bye all!
Love love.

God bless!


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  1. hey sugarsweet, remm me babe?

    you really look so adorable with your Egyptian fringe.

  2. Yes I rem u!!! FP days til now! Do u blog?? Can I link u up babe??

  3. Hehee :) yup. My blog is at

    I've already linked you up :)


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