Lunch with Lover!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hello everyoneeeee! Have I been missed??
Okies I have to be frank, - recently I've been just slacking.. enjoying my days with best friends and having lazy lunches with great views.

Unfortunately Im getting so fat Im also kinda paranoid that I cant fit into my pants anymore.
Booooo hoo.

Need to D.I.E.T!
So many weddings to attend so cannot keep eating Macdelivery and end up looking like porky pig during dinner.
This week alone I banned Jungle Boy from ordering Macdonald.

Yesterday was such a fun day when I met lover cum buddy aka nemesis all rolled in one!

We haven met in awhile coz I was busy with work/church/BFFs/the other lover etc etc and this one was busy finding.. work. (As if!)
What is it with the air Down Under...?

Everybody who studies there adopt the Australian way of life.. - slack slacker slack-iest.
Jungle Boy also super lazy sometimes I wanna kill him.
He tells me last time all his clothes pile up in Melbourne and he doesnt care until he runs out of things to wear.

Lover went to Sydney but also sama ~ sama!

Graduate for dunno how long but every week just go holiday never find job.

She showed me a picture of her recent trip to Dead Sea and may I quote the original, -" This is Dead Sea. But look like East Coast Park."

Hahahhahhaha.. so yes lover and me share the same dry humour in the weirdest things.

We had lunch at Sushi-tei!

But Im reluctant for her to go work else nobody play with me in the afternoons.
Or have long coffee sessions talking about Bangkok.
Or people to cam-whore shamelessly with me in public.

Or not judge me when I start trying out things that I will never wear in stores.

Love pinky cupcakeeeeees!
I can stare at them all day and not eat them at all.

Sitting at the coffee shop we decided to just be ourselves and not care what people say.

And then its back to work tomorrow!
Yippppeee yipee yay.. meeting up with close friends are the best thing a girl can have in life.
Oh that and a boyfriend who is brings me out for YamiYoghurt!

"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience,- this is the ideal life."
-Mark Twain

God bless~
I will be back soon promise promiser promiseee-iest !


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