Munich here I am!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guten Morgen everyone!

Im currently in Munich, Germany now and its sooooooo exciting!
Its my first time here for work and I spent the whole 12 hours onboard watching re-runs of Stephen Chow's old HongKong movie coz he's soooo funny!
Luv watching comedies, - I dun like sad sad shows that make me cry.

Although I had so much time thus I forced myself to watch "Lovely Bones" just now too.
But then all the sad part I fast forward coz I dun wan to watch!
I bery the duh hor.

Anyways its around 7.35am here and my colleagues and I are planning a trip to go see some castles/palace/medieval tour or dunno what they bringing me this suaku go see.

Then tomorrow maybe if the weather is nice I can go town and go kai-kai~
Everyday also kai-kai.. Jungle Boy see liao also super shake head.

Ok everybody take care I need to go pom pom now!
Love y'all.
But miss Jungle Boy most.

God bless!


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