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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello everyoneeee!
Its the second day into the weekend and another 5 days to my friend's wedding!
Omg I cant wait.. my dress is almost ready and its a dream to wear! I need to wait for some alterations before I pick it up.

Yesterday I went out with my BFF Mummy!
Today my Godson is going to KL with the family.. so cute!
2 months old and going overseas kai kai already~

This was how I tied my hair yesterday and this is similar to the ones in my Munich post.

I tied it up in Munich becoz I was lazy and its so much easier to manage becoz I have long thick unruly hair.
Sometimes its straight like a dream, but sometimes it curls.

This is an extremely easy look too!
All u need is a hairband to tie it up into a high ponytail, take a lock of hair and tie around the band to hide it and secure with a couple of bobby pins.
Spray some hairspray to neaten the look, and ta-dahhh!

A simple but pretty sophisticated ponytail.

Ok show u my BFF Wendy!
Does she even look like she just gave birth??

I did my nails too that day!

Its pink with a black french, with polka-dots along the tips.
My toes are pink and black french too!
I like to think of it as a twist to the prim and proper white french nails.

We went for a lovely xiao long bao dinner!

This BFF doesnt eat alot of stuff.. and is extremely picky with her food.
Unlike me.. Im an absolute glutton.

But all of us love xiao long baos and could probably eat it everyday ~
Maybe we shall pull the other two BFFs go eat Din Tang Feng for BFF evil dinner on Thursday?

And then we went shopping for Kayden in the baby section.
Ooooh everything so cute and tiny lor!!!

My godson is getting so fat his mummy say his tummy bery big!
Hehehehe want to how cute..

See the mummy face..

This picture was taken just before the perfume promoter came running towards us saying, "No picture! No pictureeee!"

I was slightly annoyed and so I asked "Why?"
To which the poor guy simply shrugged his shoulders and said, " Dunno. Company say one."


But it was a great night spending time with my best friend and I cant wait for Thursday to come and have a great dinner with all my BFFs.

"The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you."
- Elbert Hubbard

Take care all.
I need to go mop floor and wash toilet.

Later having dinner with Jungle Boy.

I wan to watch MONGA!!!!!!
They all say bery nice wor... think its becoz the actors handsome right??



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Ok bye guys!
Love y'all.. thanks for reading!

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