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Monday, May 17, 2010

I'll be back real soon!
Off to see some russian dolls and texan cowboys - Have internet access so I'll drop by then.
I'll answer some questions reaaaal fast and then will be back for the rest so drop me an email if its really urgent!

-The dress is from ANNEF also known as ROOM, MANDARIN GALLERY #03-04, TEL: 6376 9654

- I use a combination of PHOTOSCAPE (free) and PICNIK (paid subscription) for my pictures.

- Please go to EYEROCKZ.WEBS.COM!(CLICK HERE!) to purchase the mineral eyeshadows.
Quote 'elainerockz10' for further discounts and promotions!

- I use MAYBELLINE mascaras for my lower eyelashes.. but frankly any mascara will do.
(I dun believe in expensive ones, becoz u tend to throw them away after afew months)

-U can purchase Lashgrip in the States in Duane Reade or K-Mart etc.

-Nars is available in States, UK and European countries. (Sephora sells them, although not locally... I think.)

Anything I've missed?
Add them in and I'll answer them soon!

For product reviews and private questions, please send them to sugar_sweet7733@yahoo.com

Bye loves.
Stay warm y'all.


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