Red Soled Shoes and a Wedding to Remember

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hellooooo everyoneee!
Did my makeupless photos scare anyone away? :p

I really hope not wor..
It was plain embarrassing putting up my bare face to the world, but then again - I dun really mind everyone seeing me as plain o' me.

Last week was a mad rush after being stuck in Munich for so long, I had so many things to do and people to catch up with!
But of coz.. the main highlight was the eagerly anticipated joyous union of my good friends Jason & Mimi!

U may have seen their pictures from my trips to New York becoz they live there currently and had flown in specially for the wedding.
Jason's families and mine have gone a long way back.. my mummy was a bridesmaid when his parents got married!

We've always been very close - his sister is my mother's goddaughter.
Just as my BFF's son is my godson.

So we all grew up together and it was overwhelmingly surreal seeing our childhood pictures in the wedding montage.

Did time really pass so fast?

Wasnt it a moment ago when we were playing at the playground and eating french fries and doing homework together?

Memories.. memories.. what a lovely thing to have.

Im still waiting for the professionally taken pictures, but here's a sneak from Jungle Boy's camera that very night.

The celebration was held at The Fullerton Hotel.

My only photo with Jason
(Only had time to take oneeeee picture with him and none with the bride coz they were sooo busy...!)

His little cousins..!
They have Facebook u noe? So cute.. everyday I see them play Farmville or something.
I will ask them.."Never do homework is it!"
But they also always tell me got.

The flower girl and page boy.

And then my little boyfriend.. Dylan!
His grandmother (yes.. grandmother) and my mummy are best friends and I've attended Dylan's parents' wedding.. witness his birth.. and now he's in Primary One!

We even have a running joke in the family that once Dylan turns 18, - Jungle Boy will 'return' me to him!
So everytime Jungle Boy sees Dylan.. he mock whisper "When u are 18, u come and take Auntie Elaine back and marry her okieeee... So I can go and find another girlfriend...!"

That would never fail to crack everyone up and make poor Dylan blush.

Our Families.
Its the first time Im posting pictures of my parents.. they're usually extremely camera-shy.
I personally loved how color-coordinated my parents were!
Both of them were in red.. and then Jungle Boy and me were in Gold!
But as usual.. no pictures of Jungle Boy becoz that one super duper camera-shy.

I loved how my dress turned out, the colours were lovely and it was an absolute match with my new shoes from my favourite blogshop XQUISIS!
More of that in awhileee...

The glorious food.
I have to say that the service at The Fullerton was pretty attentive, everytime ur drink is almost finished - the wait staff immediately changes the glass even before you realise it.
The night went without a hitch, and I found the dishes to be uniquely presented from the usual wedding fare.

But I loved the dessert best!
Delicious mango sago served chilled.. what a sweet way to end the night.

I still smile thinking how amazing my best friend married such a wonderful girl.
I wish them both happiness forever and may they be blissfully loving in many, many years to come.

I really admire how the both of them complement each other and the one thing that struck me deeply was when Jason said that one of the reasons he loved Mimi was becoz she supported him in everything he did.

To me - that was the epitome of a reason why two people choose to marry.
That u found someone who will support u in everything u do.

And for the exact same way that I love Jungle Boy.. its becoz he will never criticize my choices and even when he disapproves of the bags that I buy.. I know that he will always be there to buy me.... bread and water.

But seriously.. when two people come together, I feel that one should choose to stand behind the other and silently support him/her in whatever choices they choose to make.
Even if they make the wrong choice, I dun believe in pouring cold water or emotionally putting someone down.

Thats why even when Jungle Boy drives in the wrong direction, I always choose to tell him after we reach our destination.
Sometimes I dun even bother.

Sometimes I just take a moment and dream of bags..

And trust me.. being a driver myself - it takes alot of restrain to do so.
But then again I treat it as a tour around the city and I guess its little details like this that makes our relationship grow closer.

No man would ever like to be told he's wrong, I guess.

Well.. back to shoes, shall we!

Same colour as my dress hor!

Proudly brought to you by my favourite blogshop owners, XQUISIS designs their own shoes and manufactures them for a fraction of the price that u get from shops!

XQUISIS has sourced thru multiple suppliers abroad and only select those whom provide the best price and quality.
Before the actual launch, XQUISIS will audit the actual product and make sure it fulfil their requirements.

For pricing, they are kept as low as possible to make shopping more afforable for all.
Therefore girls, rest assured that in the XQUISIS shop, you will definitely get the lowest pricing!

Wanna see my lovely champagne heels agaaaaaain?

They're such a dream to wear!
U can wear them with a lovely dress to bring out the charm of the sweet gold ribbons, or just wear them with pedal pushers and a flora top!


So do remember to take a look at XQUISIS and everyone get free standard postage with the purchase of any 2 items when u quote ELAINE73!

Sigh.. these are my current favourite look.

I can totally imagine myself on the beach.. wearing these gold sandals walking on the sand with Jungle Boy.
God.. this reminds me - I need a vacation soon!

Take care all..
Need to go sleep now!

Back to work soon~
God bless.


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Oh oh oh!
Wanna see my godson wear the top I bought for him sometime ago..???

Here's lil Kayden wishing every mummy in the world A HAPPY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!
Love y'all mummies.

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