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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hello everyone!
Im sooooo sorry to keep everyone waiting!
Been so busy running around, meeting friends and spending time with Jungle Boy.
And then a 'surprise' birthday dinner for my BFF that ended so hilariously, - I laughed until sore throat looooor.
But more on all of that later!

Coming right up....


It wasnt easy doing the tutorial... I have to frank.
There were so many ways to do it, and I really had no idea on how to go about doing it.
I spent alot of time taking pictures only to delete it and take them all over again so I do hope that the end result is easy to learn and useful to all.

"Perfection is boring. If a face doesn't have mistakes, it's nothing."
- Kevyn Aucoin

Im no expert in makeup.. I just know how to do it on myself so hopefully what work for me might work for u.

The steps are rather easy and I dun use alot of stuff usually.
But in this tutorial, I used a special mineral eyeshadow powder that was very kindly sponsored by EYEROCKZ!

I thank them sincerely for their kind patience and generosity.

Part I

Disclaimer: Might cause nightmares.

Start with clean bare face.

I use a sunscreen of at least 30spf when I am going out in the day.
If I am going out at night, (eg dinner) I use a primer instead.

U may choose to use both if u realise that ur makeup tend to slide during the day, but I dun like how thick it feels so I personally use either one.

Sunscreen: Derma-Rx (Tinted)

Use a pea-sized drop and blend with fingers.
I find that the bodyheat tend to create a flawless finish, as opposed to using a foundation brush.

Foundation : Chanel Mat Lumiere (in 30 Cendre)

Apply concealor after foundation.
Depending on how bad ur eye circles are, u can choose to apply it BEFORE and AFTER foundation.
But be careful not too be too heavy-handed as to create a reversed raccoon eye effect.
Blend well.

Concealor : Cle De Peau in Ocre

Use third and fourth finger to blend concealor into skin.

Apply loose powder.
(I am using Anna Sui's loose powder case, but my loose powder is actually from Laura Mercier)

U may skip this step by using a 2way cake (I recommend ZA) but I like how matte and poreless how loose powder look.

Loose Powder: Laura Mercier

This is the end of Part I.

This is also the most important part of makeup to me.
I believe in creating a perfect canvas thats why skincare is equally as important, if not more important, - to me.
If u dun have a flawless canvas, everything else would be just wasted.

Part II

This is the time to apply blusher.
i know there are people who apply it last, but for me I apply it first becoz I realise by doing so, - I tend to not go so heavy with the rest of my face.
Blusher is also my favourite part becoz I like using a range of colours.

I prefer peach, orangey light pink tones on a hot summer's day and darker warmer colours for dinners.

Blusher : NARS in Oasis

I go on to my eyes next.
Draw on eyebrows with an eye pencil.
Use feather light stokes, and stop from time to time to balance both sides.

Eyebrow Pencil: Shiseido
(This particular pencil is from Japan, so Im not sure if it could be found at local counters.)

By using an eyebrow brush, blend well into skin to create a soft look.

After drawing eyebrows, fill the entire eyelid with a white shimmery eyeshadow as a base.

I prefer to use my fingers when applying the white eyeshadow, but when it comes to colours - I use a eyeshadow brush.

I like the EYEROCKZ mineral range becoz they are hypoallergenic and is safe for all skin types.
EYEROCKZ had very kindly given me 4 colours to play around with, so I decided to use them in this tutorial.

By using an eyeshadow brush, I dip it in lightly and apply.
There is no wastage and is extremely easy.

The four colours from EYEROCKZ.

Can u see the colours on my eyes?
Its not 100% done yet, usually I like to finish it after my eyelash application.
(Weird I noe.. heehee!)

So now... Eyelash timeeee!

These are bought from the US, but I also like fake eyelashes from MAC tremendously.
They are alittle pricey, but they tend to last forever and is not so 'plastic'.
But most importantly, they are often done with real human hair so its comfortable and doesnt hurt when I close my eyes coz they are very soft.

On the contary, there are no secrets to applying fake lashes.
U can use any glue that u are comfortable with and all u have to do is to wait for it to be 'tacky' or semi-dry before u apply it to ur eyelids.

I like using a tweezer to apply it close to my upper eyelid.
Tweezer: Tweezerman
Glue: LashGrip from the US.

I think I look like a different person already!
Fake eyelashes do open up ur eyes tremendously and even if u have small eyes (like me) u can make them look a ton bigger simply by applying the correct eyelashes.
Dun forget about ur lower eyelashes too!

They make ur eyes look even bigger.
Im so addicted to mascara-ing my lower eyelashes now!
More on that laters.

Back to applying eyeshadow again.

I apply the remaining eyeshadow after applying my fake eyelashes so that I can gauge how much more eyeshadow I need.

After drawing a thin line of eyeliner, I mascara-coat my lower lashes.

Do u see an even greater difference?
Small tip: I even applied a light white shimmer to the inner lower corner of my eyes.

U could choose to curl ur fake lashes to 'open' up ur eyes.
But do it gently as not to pull it away from ur lids!

U can apply some mascara to make it look even longer, but if u intend to keep re-using ur lashes, - then I wouldnt recommend doing so.
However, I use a small light strokes to match my upper and lower mascara-ed lashes.

End of Part II.

Part III
This part consists of ur lips and 'cleaning' off any boo-boos.
(Eg. Wiping away excess mascara, topping up blush if needed, or adjusting any makeup area)

I like using a nude lippie becoz my eyes are usually the main focus of my makeup routines.
U can choose a light pink colour, or like me - I like totally nude looks.

Lipstick: MAC Lipstick in Creme D' Nude

The last step is using lipgloss to create a shimmery kissable look.
Lip Gloss : NARS in Striptease

Clean off any dark shadows (caused by eyeshadow wat-not) with a 2way cake.
I use MAC 2way cake in NC30.

The End Result...

Special thanks to EYEROCKZ for their help in creating this makeup tutorial!

There is a current promotion for the month of May : Buy 4 full size jars at a special price of S$26 & get 1 FREE FULL SIZE jar together with 2 sample baggies!

This promotion also includes FREE POSTAGE for local customers, so hurry!



What are you waiting for?
Mineral makeup is suitable for everyone and can be worn even to sleep.
Its easy to apply and suits all skin types.

Not only that, the kind owners of EYEROCKZ will be donating 10% of Eye Rockz entire year's earning equally to 3 local animal shelters (SPCA, ASD & Pets Villa) on a yearly basis...!

Everyone can shop for a good cause too!

All details can be found under: EYEROCKZ PROMOTIONS!

Remember to subscribe to EYEROCKZ for updates and promotions!


Happy shopping and makeup-ing everyone~

Love y'all and thank u all sooooo soooo much for ur kind patience in waiting for this very simple tutorial.
I hope I didnt fare too badly or cause anyone sleepless nights looking at my bare-faced pictures.

I mean no harm, seriously!

"Yes, but everyone is beautiful to someone."
- Kevyn Aucoin

Here's a quick picture of all the items that I've used in this tutorial.

Thank u all again and I hope my first attempt at a makeup tutorial is helpful to everyone!
I know there might be ways to improve but trust me.. I had alot of NGs (No Good) before the final pictures!

It was a tedious long wait, but looking at it now - I think it was worth it.
Perhaps I can look back in another 10 years time and compare the changes in makeup?
(But pleaseeeee do not ask me to do another look.. I will faint...!)

I bun my hair up real high in this tutorial coz I didnt want my hair to get in the way.
Jungle Boy said I look like a puppy with the hair and even asked me if I wanted to go for a 'walk in the park park' !

God bless.
Take care all, I think Im falling sick. (again)


Do you like shoes?
Exciting new shoe designs by one of my favourite blogshops up next!

Hugs and kisses.
Bye all~

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