BFF's Miko 'SURPRISE' Birthday Dinner

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hello helloooo!
Omg thanks everyoneeee for their extremely kind words but but but but.....everything is too premature!

Its all my fault for sprouting nonsense and getting everyone excited for me, I apologise...

Coz I would like to remind everyone that Jungle Boy has NOT officially proposed.. so to me - its not official (yet) laaaa.
The new house is just a step towards the future, but until we sign the dotted line, anything can happen u noe?
Im not being pessimistic, just realistic.

I love Jungle Boy with all my heart (and more) but even a marriage doesnt guarantee anything.
Women do need to be independent and have some savings to fall back - I humbly feel.

Esp when Im able-bodied and we dun have any kids.
I understand the frustration of a SAHM (Stay-at-home-mum) and many of my friends tell me that I should enjoy the stress-free life of being a couple first before having any children.

We also wanted to get a proper place to live in.. somewhere alittle bigger than the current house and somewhere where we could vision ourselves bringing up children and have his parents stay all together too.

So now we're taking things one tiny step at the time.
Furniture looking, bed, TV, outdoor sofa set so on and so forth first!

The place was bought some time ago.. but we're getting the keys by the mid of this year.

And then when I have the time, - I promise pictures okieee?

Jungle Boy doesnt have any brothers or sisters (like me!) so staying with his parents is a natural thing to do.

And Im a weird person la - I like staying with family!

Very fun to sit down and have coffee with Jungle Mummy and talk about chinese shows on SCV.
Or steal Jungle Daddy's bananas openly. (His favorite..!)

But regarding gowns and BS (Bridal Studios.. not bulls*it arhhh hee..) - I think still got long long way to go!
We are talking about it... but we've haven book anything or signed any package yet.

But a BIGGGGG THANK YOU all for the well wishes.. I've would love to learn from everyone too!

Weddings are such a tedious process.. and I cant imagine going thru it all.
Sometimes I wish I had a older brother or sister to learn it all from.

But thankfully some of my friends are married so I get some insight from them.
Some tell me rubbish (read: BFF An Ong) but most of the advice are really helpful.

Will I be a bridezilla?
Hahaaa.. I seriously think a whopping big YES...

God bless the Groom.

Okies - back to BFF Miko 'surprise' birthday dinner!
It was so silly everything was hilarious.

BFF Wen and me had met up specially to buy something for BFF Miko - but in true BFF form we ended talking cock and forgetting it until it was too late.

Our conversation was peppered with, "Blah blah blah kayden this blah husband that blah, DO U THINK THIS NICE?"
"*gossip gossip* NO NOT NICE *gossip etc etc*"
"Blah blah.. OK ONLY.. GO THERE SEE MORE.. blah blah blah.."

And it went on until we nearly walked the whole of Marina Square.

In the end we had to settle for a voucher becoz everything I say nice, BFF Wen say no nice!
And so clever right when I ask her to choose, she say she dunno what to buy.
*sweat max*

A voucher might seem slightly thoughtless, but before we end up strangling each other : I think its the best choice.

Me: "Ok ok gibe her voucher she buy watever she LIKEEEEE ok!"

And fyi - we normally talk like that everyday also la.

Ok, let u see 'normal' picture first.

BFF Wendy

Ok here's me sitting next to BFF Miko pretending to be deep in conversation but actually secretly taking pictures.

I take pictures becoz I heard the story before le.. so while BFF is updating the other BFFs.. I take picture lorrrrr!


After ordering (alot!) of food.. we proceeded to take picture take pictureeee!
BFF Ah Ong and BFF Wen.

Our turn!

So we started our dinner talking, laughing and just sharing some good times with close friends.

There were not alot of pictures during the dinner coz we were too engrossed in catching up until suddenly after we had barely digested everything - the very 'kind' waitress auntie came up to our table and loudly asked no on in particular: "CAN BRING THE CAKE OUT NOW ANOT..???"

There was five seconds of silence, alot of sweat and one super blur BFF.

We could hardly muster up a "Er.. think u can say that louder loooor.." before the very embarrassed auntie had quickly ran away after she realised the boo-boo.

And then... they gave us MATCHES!
Cannot even light one lor.


We're obviously no longer 18.. but what the heck.

Take picture with our small small cake!

I soooo nice take so many pictureee for them - but they always dun wan take picture for me!

Reminder to self : Crop crop crop first next time..

Sing soft soft birthday song coz the week before BFF's Les Berries group had a very loud birthday dinner for her! So we purposely sing soft soft.. something different maaaa..

This picture was taken after I forced them to take picture for me.

And then I realised they happily take me with grumpy face and all...
So forced another one!

Cut cake and eat cake..

We realised we all have black gel nails.. (That was about 3 weeks ago, now I have sparkly nails!)

Wanna see what was written on the present...?

Birthday girl see liao sweat.

Then in true BFF fashion.. we start pushing the blame to each other..

So who is the mastermind?

But lastly.. in the most typical BFF manner, - one person remains oblivious to it all ~

Ok goodbyeeee all!
I need to go to sleep then its a whole day of errands tomorrow before I go off to work!

But not before I wish my dearest BFF Miko a very very very happy and blessed birthday!

Im so excited that u are finally tying the knot this year and we are all very very honoured to be part of the jie-mei team!!!

Yay yay yay to torturing 'zai nan' (her ah lau nickname) but I must tell u first that I dunno BFF Ah Ong going to be late again anot...

Early early know last year we buy her alarm clock for Christmas hor..
Never mind, if she late she join the brothers outside ur house.

Ok bye all! I need to go watch my TVB drama liao~
Love love.

Will be back soon.


New Lip Gloss advert coming up next!
Might be doing another new makeup tutorial becoz I just bought new items to play with!
Wheeeee! <3

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