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Monday, June 14, 2010

The author has been busy with work, Jungle Boy, picking up aerobics (again!) and spending time watching Crayon Shin Chan.
Weekends are spent browsing a certain bag forum and on a constant predatory lookout for another bag.
She is, unfortunately also in the midst of a hectic moving-house schedule and promises to blog when she has the time.

Meeting the interior designer tomorrow!
Back real soon.
Watch this space.

Love y'all.


p.s April... uh-uh-ohhh...*point finger*
U make my BFF angry.....! She not pregnant worrrr.. her wedding end of the year leh ~

p.p.s But I bery bad laughing like dunno what at BFF Miko in MSN now... :p *innocent look*

Ok dun play with u all liaooo I need to go and pack my shoes!
BFF ask me take picture??

Think I very free is it...

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