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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello peeps!
Thank u everyoneeee for the extremely kind messages here, in my email, facebook and an sms even!
I am grateful and Im glad to say that this incident has taught me a very strong lesson - Never underestimate the power of the readers!

U guys rock.
I am truly amazed by each and every kind soul here.
Thank you, really.


Back to blogging, proper!
That night when everything ugly was happening, I was pretty depressed and Jungle Boy knew something was wrong but he just didnt know what.
So to cheer me up, he bought Air Supply tickets becoz I really love their songs!!!!

But then again, I suspect he ownself want to watch one, so he just buy the tickets on pretext on making me happy.

It was a rather short concert, but the two old man could really sing..!

It was their 35th anniversary but their songs are evergreen and I love how humorous they were.
They are obviously extremely humble even with their mega superstar status and they thanked the audience profusely for the support thru the years.

And in true elaine73's fashion.. my camera died on me just before they sang my ultimate favourite favouritest song.."ALL OUT OF LOVE"!
Angry lor!!!

Then Jungle Boy say I orbi good becoz I know I going concert then still lazy to charge camera.

So not many pictures lor.
I is angry I could have kicked myself!

Will be back soon!
Now going to take a bath, have dinner and hog the TV!
Jungle Boy not in town so I get to watch SCV until I fall asleep.. yipee!
If not he sure watch World Cup every night..keke.

Tomorrow I got to work so take care everyone~
Love y'all.


Wanna see my new lipgloss?

The pretty lipglosses in their lovely pink package

Natural Nude and Seductive Pink
$36 each (inclusive of postage)

It hails from Taiwan and here's a translation of the ingredients.

Vitamin E – Good antioxidant, reduce fine lines on the lips and regain the silky smoothness
Vitamin C – Reduce the pigmentation in the lips, retain the baby pinkish colour of your lips.
Highly purified Hyaluronic Acid – Excellent water-locking capacity and form the water trap on the lips. Keep your lips hydrated and moisturized.
Raspberry Scent – Attractive sweet fragrance, refreshing yet seducing.
Microsphere of diamond crystal – Highly recommended by artists and make up expert, the Japan light crystal give your lips the 3-D feel and the glittering shines

But the most amazing part is when u open the lipgloss, the LED lights comes on!!!

Cannot see properly..?
So here goes..


And everytime I use my lipgloss everyone is curious becoz they find it so bright!!
I LOVE IT...!!!

They have 5 colours and its so glossy I cant stop using it.

All readers of elaine73 can simply quote "ELAINE'S READER" to get a 10% DISCOUNT off these amazing lipgloss!
(Price is inclusive of regular postage, registered mail is available at $2.50.)


U cannot find these in any stores here at all, so do hurry and get them now!
They even come in clear so u can use it on top of any lipstick for a glossy effect!
Must hurry okieee! Coz stocks end fast so make ur purchase today!

Good bye all~
God bless.

The author is using Natural Nude.

Do u like my side-swept fringe or short bangs..?
Hmm.. Im pretty lazy to go cut my fringe thats why.. keke.

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