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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Latest update, edited to add:

The meeting with the interior designer was least to say, disappointing.
There were hardly any new ideas and the colour scheme was boring.
Themes that we had mentioned was cast aside, and presentation was lackluster.

I guess sometimes award winning teams might not even be more sincere than their smaller, humbler, hardworking counterparts.

On a deadly mission to find another I.D!
Recommendations anyone~

We dun really have many requests, coz the place is pretty small and mostly everything is done up. We just need some small minor tweaks to the (very small) place.


My friend said that I remind him of Barbarella Posh Beckham! So here's a really funny video of Michelle Chong!
Its such a hoot I love it...!

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-SG&from=sp&vid=843a683b-1d89-4959-acc0-24485ac83af8" target="_new" title="Barbarella: I speak funnily, meh?">Video: Barbarella: I speak funnily, meh?</a>


p.s I will take down the picture of the shoes if it irks u, Chanel23. I dun really mind.


L Chan: I've mentioned both parents pretty equally in my blog. And I will mention my own parents from now on, coz I love them the most! Even more than Jungle Boy okieeee! :p
But yes, I realise I cant please everyone ~
Evil-Lin: Hi baby girl! Hahhaha I can tell u that ALL my friends are like tat too! We buy so much our other halves all shake head! I have some more shoes here and here.. but I think hor -better dun post anymore la! :p
Gracieee: Hi hi!! Dun rob me la please its not alot actually! I noe people with more more shoessss okieee! :D
BFF Miko: LOL! Ok dun angry I buying u dinner today rem?
Tiffany78: Yes maaaadam! Im working on it already~ :D
Bottle: It will be Paris now due to low euro.
hi: Gal, I use PHOTOSCAPE and have a paid subscription in Picnik too. :)
chl5: Hmmm Im not into Chanel already babe.. sorry... :(
April: Noooo my BFF is not pregnant.. wat makes u say that? :/
Lim Bei Bei: (Love ur name! ha!) I have ghost stories to tell u but tell u personally better! :p
yw: U might have a chance to buy one off the shelf in Paris. Gd luck!
adeline: Yessss maaadam!
jess: Sorry cant say anything about my job here.
Tammy: Yes maaadam! Will work on skincare post soon!
Jace: Hahhahah thank u dear! Join us for dinner soon ok!
missy: thank u babieeeee! Tag more often! I miss u!!! :D
paulineda: Thank u babe! But we will settle the house first before deciding on the wedding proper. :p
celine: Hello celine! I am now using the VIBRATING MASCARA from Maybelline. Its very good!
Jolene: Thank u darling! Its came a long way but the journey aint over yet!
kai: Hahahhaa! U very naughty! I wun post JB's pic up here la.. later he kena throw dirty water on the street for being my bf~
vivi: Thank u babe! U're very sweet~
keyi: Its been such a long time eh! So amazing! :D
jolene: Im working as.. if I tell u - I have to kill u. :p Kidding!
jocelyn: Thank u! But still long long way to go okieeee~
elyn: yes yes dear! I noe u have been reading for a loooong time! I see ur nick for a long time already too!
esther: WAHAHHAHAH then I can shake hand with u laaa!
jace: I also not sure! I use their hairspray nia~ Ok la u buy me dinner next time I buy for u one hairspay! Good deal!!!! :D

Hokiessss ~ Off to take down the damn picture of my shoes already.

Although I make no apologies to my life and the way I live, I will try not to post things that offend, evoke or rouse any ill-feelings amongst readers.
I have no bad intentions but this is wat it is and I find it difficult to strike a balance between being a 'good' guy and a shopaholic.

But on a serious note, I have to remind everyone that we both work very hard for our future and nothing drops from the sky.
If u are unhappy with me, my things or even with my boyfriend then perhaps u should reflect on your life and see what is causing u all the misery.

I realise how I am in a much better place when I dun compare, dun envy and dun bother with what other people have, what other people buy or how much they make a month.
I only care about my friends, my families and when am I going to eat my favourite yogurt again.

To me, that is all that matters.

Bye all~
Dun forget if got good I.D must give me website arhhh thank u bery much!

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