The Pre-Moving Days

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Its really a busy time for me and I thank everyone for their patience!
I have a ton of email to reply to, but the hours seem to fly by so quickly I cant believe how fast I need to get my ass back to work AND keep tabs on the new place.

Emails come and go in a flurry , calls are frequently made one after another and tempers rise when something goes wrong.
Sometimes I find myself going to the new place 2-3 times a day to make sure things go smooth!

Oh god.. I cant believe how many times I have rolled my eyes or wiped off the sweat on my forehead in mock exasperation while talking to certain people.

Just earlier in the week we realised that the carpenter had done ALL the wardrobes in the wrong colour despite confirmation upon confirmation and emails after emails.
And when confronted, the person simply went.."Oh... ok lor change for u only wat."

Super champion can coz everything gets delayed becoz someone simply hamtum the colour instead of checking what the chosen colour is.

Anyways... Im just gonna grin and bear thru it all.
God bless me and keep me in ur prayers alright?
Kisses and hugs.

Back to my favourite fruit - The Big Apple!

Loveeeee it.
Meeting up with family and great friends is da best thing in the world.

U might have seen pictures of them when they flew down for the wedding in May but this is the first time Im meeting them after officially being Mr and Mrs!

We went to a little sake place for some drinks and had some dinner which turned out to be of really miniscule portions!

But first... I went for some American Breakfast in the morning.

Yes.. thats a typical portion.
Felt so stuffed the whole day and I couldnt even eat lunch coz I was still so full after this!

Walked off all the calories.

My lunch that day.
I always only eat the same thing.. Original with mango!

Oops.. its a LARGE.. :p

Super crowded coz it was so bloody hot!
Yogurt cools u down instantly.

I finished it all! Can die...

"Hi, my name is Elaine and Im a yogurt addict."

And continued shopping.
I didnt buy alot coz I dun wan to buy and then pack and move it all to the new place.
As if I dun have enough stuff to move.. bleah.

Just some essentials.
Lashes, hairspray and NARS.

I lurve NARS so much.. u cant really get them here (except in True Colours, Takashimaya) so I stock up like mad when I go to the States.
They have the most lovely blushes and bronzers.. I like mixing the colours to suit my mood.
But ORGASM (yes its a name for their best-selling blush) and OASIS is two colours that suit my tanned skin best.

Back to dinner shall we?

There are soooo many types of sake to choose from and its mind-boggling becoz we really have no idea which to pick!

So we just ti-kum and hope for the best, laaaa.
(Sounds like my contractor, ha ha.)

They would come and pour ur preferred sake into tiny glasses and we took turns to try it out one by one.

I was so jetlagged I look like shit.

We ordered so much!

But as I mentioned earlier.. the portions were really small even by Singapore's standards so u can imagine how hungry the boys were even after we had so many dishes!
I was full though... too much gas after drinking half a glass of beer and some sake.

Really CMI now ~ I used to drink so much!
Now I have a sip and I get drunk already. LOL.

Actually I do love sitting down for a nice dinner, having a drink or two with my favourite people.

We left the place still hungry so off we all went for a SECOND DINNER!!!!
This time round, we settled for pasta and pizza!

The greatest unique thing about the place is that u can order two different kinds of pizza flavours and have it as one!

Pure wooden oven baked goodness~

After the hearty dinner, we were all too stuffed for desserts.
(Which was our greedy original plan laaaa.)

And then I went back and slept like a baby!

Special mention and with great thanks to Fashion Euphoria for their lovely black lace maxi dress.


Woke up to brunch with my super good-looking friend..!
Gossiping over iced cappuccino.

Looove hanging out with him.. we can bitch all day~
We can talk and talk and he tells me so many hilarious things I laugh my head off!

And we get along fabulously becoz apparently we are both super camwhores!

Our calorie-laden brunch.
Cheese burger with a ton of french fries!

Walking around.
And taking pictures.. :p

I want to wear my sunglasses too!

After which I found myself going back to my ultimate favourite place.. again.

Need no reminding.

Taking pictures in H&M toilet.
My $10 on sale H&M dress, rinestone slippers and my dirty bag.
But I love how rugged-looking and easy to wear my outfit is. Perfect for summer!

Another toilet!
So pretty I cant resist.

Warm glowy light.

I spent the day walking around and enjoying alittle peace and quiet before I head back home where I have so many things to do on a tight dateline.

Not that Im complaining.

Sometimes we need to take a small break and thank our lucky stars that we are living such a blessed life.
We have food to eat when we are hungry, hot water to take a bath with, - and most importantly, people whom we love to come home to.

Some people make a huge fuss over the smallest things and I feel sympathetic towards such behaviour.
Its difficult to live with anger and like little ink blot, if u dun get rid of it immediately - it manifests and stays on stubbornly.
By the time u realise it : its too late to do anything at all.

Do u want to lead ur life as an angry person?
Or do u wan to be happy and take life easy?

I hope I can stay happieeeee and I wish everyone the best in life.
Good luck and God bless.
Many hugs and kisses all round.


Special thanks to Crystal Galleria for their lovely crystal cross necklace!

There's a special GSS sale at the moment and u get a cool 20% off all necklaces now!
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I love how sparkly the blings are and it goes with everything I wear at only a fraction of the price of a Tiffany.

I have another heart shaped one which I will wear when I am in a girly mood!
Sometimes its great to be a girl - we can dress up and look pretty.

So remember to check Crystal Galleria out for their unique designs and wallet-friendly items!
All crystal comes with a nice box and u can even choose from 4 colours so its perfect for a present for a close girlfriend or sister.

Crystal Galleria
Crystal Galleria
Crystal Galleria

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Take care everyone!
Back soon.. love love.

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