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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello everyone!
Im blogging thru my ipad, so its pretty hard to blog with pictures.
Most of them are in my laptop - so without an internet connection, i can only rely on my trusty toy.

But as promised, here are afew pics of my makeup stash.

NARS Doceur blush.
Its more brownish pink, and i use it to contour facial features, esp on the sides of my chubby cheeks.

NARS Super Orgasm blush.
An alternative to the best seller, Orgasm - this pretty pink blush with gold flecks are such a gem! I use them on the apples of my cheeks to look healthy and it has such a kawaii touch to it!

My absolute favourite lip gloss now is called Turkish Delight, also by NARS.
It has a sheer pink tone and its perfect for dark eyes.

U can see how perfect this looks on Kim Kardashian.

NARS Chihuahua is also very close, and u can apply it nude.

I dun use any lipstick under but sometimes i choose to use a lip concealor.

* What is a lip concealor? *

Great for girls with a darker natural shade of lips, lip concealors help lipstick/lipgloss adhere better by acting as a 'base'.
Some girls prefer to use a light dusting of loose powder or a thin layer of foundation.
Its ultimately the same, although a lip concealor might not be so drying as compared to the previous.

I use this.
U can get them easily from Watsons.

Here's an example on how to use a lip concealor.

Back to makeup.

I use a variety of products but my favourite foundation products are from Chanel and currently, Cle De Peau.

U can get Cle De Peau at Takashimaya.
Their foundation goes on easily and it gives me a very smooth base for powder.
It is very pricey so alittle often goes a long way.

I am currently using the VIP BB cream from Skin79 concurrently with my CDP foundation.
And i like how sheer it is, esp for days in Singapore where im going around running errands.
Its light and i dun use any concealor after using the BB cream.

Gold collection Skin79 BB cream

This is my HG (holy grail) of all concealors.

Cle de peau!
Im into my second tube becoz it is the best product i have ever used!
At the price, it better be!

I also like the Maybelline Dream Mousse concealor.
It is something i use on light days where i need just alittle help for my dark circles.

I only use one loose powder and that is Laura Mercier.
Its still the best and most natural coverage after Anna Sui's loose glitter powder.
LM has the best primers and mineral powders too, it doesnt break me out- and in addtion, I do like LM foundations although their packaging needs some tweaking.

I had a foundation which cap kept coming out (i travel alot) and it stained my makeup pouch which left me alittle exasperated.

I am not so impressed with their range of eyeshadows\lipsticks etc becoz they seem pretty dull. I much prefer NARS when it comes to colours.

With regards to eyeshadows, i dun have a favorite brand becoz i use anything that catches my fancy.
I do like the cutesy Japanese brands and those with multiple shadows becoz i believe in blending.

One great hightlighter is my beauty steal from Sephora. I bought it on sale and it comes with a small tube of mascara.
I love the glitter and how i can do my eyebrows at one shot too.

Anastasia highlighting brow kit.

I cant post pics becoz im not using my laptop but i've found a pic that shows how i normally do my eye makeup.

Cutest pink ever.

Frosty kawaii look.

Super duper doll-like.

I hope u guys are deeply inspired!

Because i do love makeup and i do love making myself mei mei~ !!!
There are no reasons to look pretty, u just need to do it for urself.

After all the makeup, here's two of my current online shopping lovelies!

First up... A truly Japanese styled blogshop...!

Check out the many ways they pair a key piece of clothing and how kawaii it looks with just mere accessorises!!!!

Quote elaine73 for special readers-only discount, ya!

Second blogshop...!

They are brought to u by the lovely people of ILOVEBEINGREAL who has very kindly offered FREE NORMAL POSTAGE to everyone who quotes elaine73!


Everything is priced below normal so do grab your choices soon!
Im soooo into dresses now after cutting my hair but im really quite a tomboy at heart.

I hope everyone enjoyed my post today.. I spent so many hours trying to get pics off the web!
Going quite, quite blind and then i need to work tomorrow.

Back soon to reply tags!
Do remember to email me if u have private or urgent questions.


God bless~

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