Meeting up with my Fp Babes

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is a wayyyy overdued post.
So overdued - the pregnant one in the pictures have given birth and the party's this week!
Red eggs, red eggs here I come.

I know.. Im so slow can!
Look, that was my hair before I cut my fringe, which was even before I cut my hair!
Win already.

FlowerpodGirliesJul10 001

Congrats my dearest friend Karen on the birth of Baby Colette! Cant wait to see new-born babies.

I never fail to order this at seafood places.
I absolutely miss the ones at Freemantle, Perth. Went there for a holiday and ate so much everyday!

ALL of us ordered this.

Count the fish and chips..

And then there's 3.

And then Lyana & Mummy 40 came!

Mummy 40 is also pregnant! And its a boy! :D
Congrats my dear... may u have a smooth delivery.

Okiesss just ignore my idiotic face..
Its always a standard look of mine.

I miss my girls already...!!!!
Cant wait for this weekend to come.

Group picture

Ok babes! I'm off to do up another post after this!
Catch y'all again.
Peace out.


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