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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why didn't anyone tell me how highly addictive Cooking Mama can be??
Or Farmville, or even Cooking Dash!
Or Diner Dash - where not unlike my real job, I tend to hungry customers who may start fuming out smoke when they wait longer than exactly 2 mins and 14 seconds.

Last night I played until I got so excited that I may have accidentally poked Jungle Boy in the ribs while he was sleeping.
More than once.

I'm using the iPad now, still no landline.
*glares at the boyfriend*

So can some kind soul please tell me how to insert pictures in from my laptop so I can do my adverts up asap?
Before the blogshops start spraying paint and putting up pig's head at my front door.

No la they all so very nice but I'm as guilty as hell to keep everyone waiting.

Ok, going back to playing games.
Bye y'all.

Congrats to my darling friend Karen for the healthy and beautiful birth of baby Colette!
See u girls soon at the party! :)

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