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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Helloooo everyone!
Ok I told u I going to have blogpost diarrhea riteee?
Actually I want to post about my current love NARS.. but I cant access to their website?

But never mind - skincare first?

I've done one previously, but this is the most recent updated skincare post on the products that I have been using.
Some items here remain in the list becoz.. if it aint broken, dun fix it.

But truthfully sometimes I is itchy backside, so I try out new stuff.
Sometimes I find great stuff but sometimes its just an expensive mistake.

Here are my current favourites.


I think its meant for the Japanese market but I found it in NTUC although I've bought it from tokyo before.
I like how it is foamy once u pump it into ur hands, and it doesnt dry out skin.
Its cheap and great to use!
Im a huge fan of Dove, I use their body wash and shampoo all the time.


I have been using this like, forever!
I love how economical a bottle is, - I bring one small one for travel and I use it after every wash. They last so long even when I use it everyday.
Some people dun believe in toners, but I personally swear by them.
Especially when u look at the gunk after u swipe ur face with a cotton pad!


My holy grail, infact.
I like how my skin is moisturised and less oily after prolonged usage.
But be warned, you have to use it for some time before u see results. And at its hefty price tag, its really a deterrent. Sometimes I also use it as a quick mask by soaking acouple of cotton pads with FTE and placing it on my face for about 10 mins.
Remove and moisturise as normal.



This is my new baby from NARS and its not too bad - having to be produced by Shiseido on behalf of NARS skincare.
Its light and absorbs quickly before makeup application.


This has to be my favourite eye creams of all time.
The heavy metal ball does a great job of reducing eye bags and dark eye circles but then again, like all LA MER products - its not easy on the pocket.


This I have to divide into normal use, night use, dry skin use, etc.
Ur skin changes with the weather, and I prefer using a night moisturiser and a day-time one.


Honorary mention becoz this was my one true love although I have been neglecting it recently.
The hot and wet days in Singapore means my skin is normally more oily prone, so I dun need such a heavy creme.
Sometimes I use it when I stay in air-con rooms for long periods of time or when I go to cold countries.


I really like this alot.
I like the smell, the way it feels on my skin and how glowy I am after using it.
But its is NOT CHEAP!

The price of the serum is worseeeee. And I so wanted to buy the serum at the same time!
Maybe I will in the near future, but I'll finish my current La Mer serum first.
(Im not mentioning my La Mer serum becoz it is a complete waste of money and I am not happy.)


Like what its name suggests, this is a treatment product designed to work on pores and blackheads.
I only use it at night as it is not to be used under makeup.
My blackheads seemed to have lessen slightly so I guess Im sticking to it for the moment.


I really like this alot becoz it was suitable for both day and night.
U can use it in the daytime and it was also pretty moisturising for night too.
I dun like the price, though.


This was my first SKII moisturiser and its a nice, easy to use daytime moisturiser.
It was light and doesnt break me out on PMS days, too.


I like this alot - not only becoz its affordable, but it really works!
To be used at night only, so I alternate it with my SKII Skin Refining Treatment for best results.



Most of my facial moisturisers are slightly expensive becoz they come mainly from established brands, hence the pricetag.

I am not saying that bigger brands are better, but Im getting older now so it is high time to invest in something as important as this.

I dun go for facials becoz I dun need them at the moment, just a routine facial every 4 months or sometimes I dun even go to one at a half year mark.

Once a year, I try to go for a fruit acid peel at the doctors becoz it penetrates deeper into the skin and makes me have a nice glow after.

My skin would peel alittle after a day or two, but nothing too drastic.

Fruit acid peels are very different from a chemical peel becoz of the varying acid levels in both treatments.

Chemical peels are alittle too extreme for my 28 year old skin, although some people with bad scarring/mature skins/heavy pigmentation etc may benefit from it.

The post chemical peel is pretty bad from what I've heard, as patients might need to recuperate for a week at home (or anywhere u dare to go!) for the skin to peel off totally while waiting for new skin to resurface.

Everybody has different skin types and sometimes u have to keep on trying different products to best understand ur own skin.

One word of caution though, if u ever feel that a particular skincare/product is not working for u - stop immediately.
Nothing is worth more than ur skin.

Sometimes less is also more.

I find that my skin looks best without daily makeup, and by sleeping early, drinking lotsa water and also : regular masking helps too!

I love inexpensive birds nest masks from Watsons for a quick-pick-me-up on lazy days.

For more luxurious treats, I use my REY BITEN SHEET masks from ANOIV, or the prepackaged ones from SKII.

They feel extremely deluxe and indulgent on ur skin!

Thats all for skincare from me folks!
Hope u like it and here are some pics when I went for breakfast today.

Brought Kitty along, of course.

Look of the day:

Blow dry my hair straight, then slight tong-ing the bottom for a round curl.

Its fast and easy too!
Just make sure u use serum before drying ur hair - results are much silker.

I bought my diamond bling bling headband ~
Wear on head after curling hair for a demure look!
(Okiee.. dun puke laaa u noe I expert on act cute one.)

Then off to the mall I went~
Took a walk in TOYS'R'US becoz Im a biiiiig baby at heart!
Loveeee all the toys there, the barbie dolls remind me of my childhood!

I could play with them all day long.
I came home with these...

Max love all three!

I bought the ee-yore but then my sneaky lil girlfriend bought the Pooh bear for me becoz she wanted me to think of her when I see them together!

Sooooo sweet of her!
I promptly went off to treat her burger and coleslaw kekekek!

Went back.

Tied my hair up becoz it was soooo hot outside!

Close-up view of my cutieee blue jean ribbon clip!
From shinma! Cheap and so adorable!
I likeeeee.

This hairstyle is seriously costing me more money than I thought!
Now Im looking at magazines and getting extremely inspired to do hair looks.

Hopefully I've inspired u to do something u truly enjoy.
Sometimes the results might turn our hilarious, or too weird to be seen in public :
but it is fun to do girly stuff and have alittle fun away from ur daily looks.

I lurveee experimenting with different styles although I might ultimately come back to something I am most comfortable in, - but hey, its the process that counts aint it.

I hope u like what u saw and do come back soon...!
Take care all~

Much love,

DubaiCairoAug10 064


steph: I've replied u in email. :)

Wind: Thank u soooo much dear!!! I hope to remain happy and cheerful becoz positive attract positive! No use being sad~ happy happy everyday.. yeah!

Amanda: Im truly sorry for making u feel this way, but Jungle Boy is and will always be an important part of my life and I have no qualms talking about him here. I hope u do understand though I will try not to make this space so one-dimensional. :D

tiffi: Hello sweets! Glad u saw it. I just changed my blogskin too! hehehe, nice?? :p

Florence: Thanks alot my dearest! I wanted to change my look alittle after having long hair for so long. I wish to blog more too! But still no internet at home :( And my ipad cannot upload pics..

Love_Elaine73: Hi hi lovely!!!! Thank u sooo much for ur support these years and I do hope that u enjoyed the above post!!! I also had u in mind when I wrote it. *wink*
Yes I decided to change my blog name becoz I really need to let go of the past and look towards the future. New place, new hair, new blogskin and hopefully a new direction & resolution to strive for soon!
Good luck to u in ur future endeavors too and see u in the tag box soon!

abab: LOL! Thank u but hahahhha.. I dun think so! Im really waaaay too tanned to be Japanese! But my fren says it looks alittle Korean though. Personally, I just like how it looks! :D
Thank u lots, still. *flowers*

JJ: Hello sweets!!! Thank you so much! I was initially quite worried with the new shorter do. But so far, so good! Thank God! :p

Yixuan: Hi hi darling!!! How r u? Thank u so much! I found it and as soon as I saw it.. I really liked it! Hahahah but then I like everything well.. ;)

Ai_Mei_Li: Wahahahahha I rode on the camel and the horse before and at the end of the day my butt was soooo sore!!! Then the camel su ka su ka will suddenly stop... coz the camel wants to shit!!! ROFL! Super funny but quite exasperating at the same time!
I use two colours from NARS on my cheeks and its called DOUCEUR and SUPER ORGASM.
The first is a darker shade used on the sides and the latter is a sweeter pink with gold flecks to be used on the apples of my cheeks.
My cle de peau is bought from Takashimaya and its for lines although I should have bought the other one for shallow skin.
With regards to exfoliation, u can do a search in my searchbox below and look at my prev posts before I do another one soon, ya! :p

Tammy: Hello! I use PHOTOSCAPE followed by a paid flickr PICNIK account for the rest.

Ok good bye everyone and take care!
Love love.

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