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Monday, August 23, 2010

Did I mentioned that I chopped off my locks..??


I really wanted to do something drastic!
And so off I went to the hair salon where I commanded my hairstylist to cut it all away..regardless if I started crying.

(I did not.)

But no perming involved, - just curling using a tong.
I wanted the alternative straight hair on lazy days too.

But everyone say no difference!!!

FYI.. I couldnt sleep the night before at the thought of cutting away my security blanket.
Time to lose weight though.
No more long hair to cover the fat.

Although I desperately miss my long hair, I really had enough of the hair-drooping, clogged drains and rapid shampoo depletion.
Now I feel so light and easy.

Drying my wet hair only takes 3 mins now as compared to the 10 last time!
More reason to sleep in, then.

Take care everyone~

Much love,

I will blog proper later!
Need to go take a shower first.

Love y'all.

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