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Monday, August 23, 2010


I might just have blog post diarrhea within this 24hrs becoz I am currently overseas and having to pay some USD25 for a day of internet makes elaine a bery bery unhappy girl.

So must make full use laaa.. I ish Singaporean u noe?

How is my new blogskin??
Just like my hair, I think its quite, quite different - yet quite the same.

Duncha think so?

But actually Im pretty much a boring person.
I like all things pink, Hello Kitty (saw my new kitty above the chat box??) brown bags, nude shoes, and sleeping.
Apart from the fact that sometimes I try new things: most of my stuff are classic items which I will use over and over again.

And if I try out something that I like very much.. I will either get everything from that range, or get alot of items from that particular brand.

My current favourites are my NARS makeup items and my SKII skincare products.

La Mer has currently taken a backseat becoz they have been rather nonchalant recently.
There are NO new products, not much advertisements, and worse of all - prices seemed to have increased alittle?

But then again - La Mer is like a good ol' bottle of wine, great to come back to after a hard day at work.
Nothing much beats the luxury of creme de la mer.
Excellent for extremely dry skins esp during winter seasons for me.

Ok, enough talk.
Yesterday I took many pictures with my new Hello Kitty!

My good friend bought it for me when she went Fukuoka for work.
So sweet of her.

Somebody bery jealous becoz I say when I grow up I want to marry Hello Kitty!
But.. but I really like Hello Kitty u noe..*small voice*

DubaiCairoAug10 006

Ok super act cute max.
But Hello Kitty bery pinky and cute also wat...!

I cant resist anything pink or Sanrio.
Yesh I realise Im turning 30 soon but who dun like pink??
If u say u dun like - then I dunwan to friend u, hor.

I curled my own hair and then kiamp-ed it for fun.

Obviously Im not good enough to re-create the look at the salon, but Im still learning how to manage my short(er) hair!

The dynamics for long hair and short hair totally different can.

Which one better?
Kiamp or dun kiamp?

After dolling myself up..for dunno wat reasons also- becoz all makeup and hairspray melts in scorching 40degrees UAE : I brought Hello Kitty to Dubai Mall.
The biggest in the whole of Dubai, and some say Abu Dhabi!

Thousands of white paper butterflies suspended in mid-air.

Kitty lurves butterflies, like me.

Took a photo for Kitty too.
Made it glowy glowy and put star star, somemore.

Then to my favourite fashion retail store for some new clothes to suit the hair.
(Just an excuse to indulge in cheap shopping!)

Last but not least.. after walking around the huge-ass mall - (ION u no fight can, people got AQUARIUM PLUS ICE-RINK in oneeee mall, okie?) I went back home with Kitty and promptly watched my favourite show on the planet.

Even its like from seasons ago.


I lurveeee doing brainless girly things sometimes.
Away from all the errands back home, and where time has came to a standstill and everything seems to float away.

Back later!
My shoulders are killing me.. how do you office people handle looking at the computer for eons?
I salute u..

Much love,

With great pleasure and special special thanks to GIPSYSCARLET.COM for their lovely grey chiffon top in this post!

I've worn it at least 3 times already becoz its so comfortable and cooling in hot weathers like Dubai.
(And back home.)

GIPSYSCARLET.COM have been appearing frequently on Chic Magazine, and is a favourite of many bloggers for their easy to wear pieces at affordable prices.

I like how u can easily go from day to night in their collection and they suggest ways on how u can wear the item too!

Chiffon Top $26.50

Crochet Babydoll top $26.50


See the little green man I've put in the above picture?
The one with the hearts?
Im the little green man becoz I loveee the top AND the model so much!

She's soooo pretty!

All readers here can simply enter "GSXOELAINE" for a 10% discount off all items (excluding Sale items) upon check out!

Join their facebook now!

There are just so many ways to wear your favourite clothes!
Take care everyone~

Back soon.

DubaiCairoAug10 006

I will reply tags later k...!

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