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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hi everyoneeee!

Are u watching F1 this weekend~
I had a busy day today playing with babies and eating ALOT of dessert!
Oh god how am I going to lose weight when I can never resist the sight of sweet evil temptation.

I like my desserts hot or cold - not so much the cakes and chocolate kind, but the very traditional chinese ones where I can always eat two bowls at least.
More of that later!

First up.. I went to see baby today!
It was Kai Xin's 1st month party yesterday but I was held up by work so I couldnt make it for the luncheon.

My hair long alreaady... Poking my eyes everyday!

I tried to carry baby!!!
Usually I dun dare but this mummy has another kid so I think she doesnt mind if I dropped her second-born.
Hahahha kidding!

Baby obviously afraid of my drag queen/opera face/spider lashes.

Even when I tried distracting Kai Xin by making monkey faces.

So I return baby to mummy and disturb the other one!!!

I is bery sad nobody want to play with me but would very much rather see a talking cat faint.

Awwww.. kissing mei mei.

My cheeky Yue En running away from me when I tried to catch her for a picture.
I cant imagine her mummy used to go shopping with me and talk about makeup and clothes and now she has TWO kids!!!

I am GETTING old.

After successfully irritating the hell out of two little ones, we headed for a quick lunch!
I wore my new top from Amelie-Anne and it has a slight grecian touch to it!
Love it!

I had two servings of this.
But fruit is healthy!!! Right..?

The lovely dress.
I wore it with my skinny dark jeans and a huge oversized maxi bag.

Then after we had to sprint to church.

We called this place the "HQ", where we brainstorm, have our meals and where most of the paperwork is done.

For those who follow this space, u would have seen how we left the old church to start a smaller, independent one with our pastor.
It was no mean feat, some 7 months back.

We had to rent a space to do worship and it was very scary not knowing if we could do it if the government did not approve of our newly registered church.
But thankfully everything seemed to work out in the end and right now we are looking forward to start everything anew with a brand new place!

It will be a proper church, and renovations start next month.
Everyone's so excited! Its like getting a new home!

So back to where I was.
I actually have choir practice on Sundays, so usually thats how we spend the day.
Although I croak like a frog, my church members are very kind to me by allowing me to stand next to them and spoil all the songs.

After hours of singing off-tune (me) - its time to relax and have dinner!!
Every Sunday is fellowship day where people will potluck and bring food to share with everyone.

My church is pretty small - so everyone's like family and we talk about everything under the sun.

Most of them are older (auntie uncle), they bring their children or grandchildren along and some of the younger ones bring their other halves along for dinner - so we all treat this time like like how we would at home!

Its kinda like Chinese New Year, except we do this every week.

Someone super act busy..

But kena caught!
Watch too much F1 is like that one~

The generous home-made spread.

Giving thanks for the food on our table.

Becoz we have at least 20-30 people each time, we have to line up buffet style and take the food.

Digging in.

I ate 3 bowls of bo bo cha cha..!!!
I want to faint.

Sometimes at the end of the day, we just want to have a nice simple meal with great company and even if we all come from different walks of life - who is it to say that we cant get along and treat each other as one of us?

Dun we all come with nothing and leave with nothing?

Take care everyone~
I need to go to bed now.

Its been quite a day with Hamilton being pushed off the track by Webber and seeing sparks under Schumacher, but the most dramatic act of the day has to be how Kovalainen simply asked for an extinguisher to put out the fire from his car!

I would have freaked out and run ten miles if I saw flames in my boot.
But then, Im no F1 driver hee.

Bye bye loves and good night world.
Sleep tight everyone, dun let the bed bugs bite.

Special thanks to Amelie-Anne for their lovely dress as shown in pictures!

Its extremely easy to wear, long enough as a dress alone and not too long to match with skinny jeans.
Everyone here can simply quote "ELAINE_SUGAR_SWEET" for $1 off all items so do take a look girls!

Im eyeing some pretty frocks that I can wear to everywhere.
This is how it looks like from Amelia-Anne.

But I gave the belt a twist to the original.

I love making clothes alittle different, trying to express a kinda feeling or mood that best represents me that day.
Sometimes I go for girly, or boyish or my favourite boho look.

But its important not to try to be someone u are not, and u will look best in ur personal style.

U can just add a flower, or a brooch or tie ur shirt alittle differently and as long as u feel good - u will look great.
Dun be pressured into thinking that being thin or having supermodel features look the best, becoz if u are confident and healthy : that is the best look of all.

Beauty does lies within.

"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door."
- Coco Chanel

And most importantly, never change urself for anyone else but you.

God bless and stay happy and healthy everyone~

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