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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Helloooo everyone~
I really hope that no one gets sick and tired of me posting becoz having internet at home is really da BEST THING!
Entries are somehow backlogged and I have time on my hands until tomorrow, so its post post post!

After been on 3G, there are certain limitations there that a laptop or PC could never replace.
And for me - its blogging.

(Although Angry Birds are quite fun on Apple.. hehehe.)
p.s Have u tried the MultiTasking app? Omg Im such a klutz - and failed multitasking miserably!

I very much prefer the feel of actual 'writing' (I know, that usually means a pen and paper haha) becoz I've been doing it for so long - it just feels weird blogging from my ipad.

The skies are overcast now, and Im sitting in the living room on the dining table with my morning cup of tea and it feels GREAT!

I had just re-configured the Facebook 'LIKE' button on my posts : and trust me, for a tech idiot - its no mean feat.
So please dun be angry if u realised that the 'old' button is gone - I dunno how to save that one so I had to start all over.

Hopefully its better now!
The previous one had everyone 'liking' ALL the posts when its meant for individual posts.
Hehehe. Solly arh.

(The above paragraph was typed on 17th Sep.)

(Con'td from 21 Sep.)

Back to last week where we held our annual BBQ party!
(Aiyo my fringe getting so long... I go cut first then one day I do hair tutorial okieee!)

I love "FRIEND" times, we really had so much fun meeting up everyone and drinking alittle.
It was absolute fun although we missed acouple of familiar faces due to work/newborn/dunno-wat else.

On the thought of eating...

We should really plan BBQs more often!
It was such a great get-together with people u basically known for a long time.

The night was a blur of laughter and fun but most importantly - a catchup on friends whom we haven seen in awhile.

With people busy with work, families and playing iphone/ipad/imac apps - I think its important to not forget basic friendship with people who have seen u grow up.
Many people come and go, but there will always be some who will be in ur hearts thru good times and bad times.

Its amazing how I went to the wedding of Stace and Alan a long time ago : and now, seeing little Kate run up and down before my very eyes is so surreal.

Or witnessing how my good friend Jerrick woo his girlfriend Nicole (not in pictures) only to be receiving his wedding invitation at the BBQ!

Or or or laughing at Sharlene being worst wife in the world eons ago.. and still laughing at her being worst wife in the world now!
But she is happy that she is going to have Nicole join her now!

Here's a snippet overheard last night.
(read on and u will understand why she has that dubious heavyweight title.)

Sharlene (to her daughter) :"Baby, can Mummy go back to work?"
Ashley: "Nooooooo!!!" (Loudly)

Our whole group in unison :" Poor Charles!!!!"
Charles (Saddest Husband in the world) : "SIGHHHHHH."

The guys: "Dude... here's to sorrow."
Everyone holds up beer.

All the girls: "Ashley sooooo clever!!!!"

Not kidding.

The good friends.. Kate and Ashley!

Lotsa food for us.

Papa - Host du jour.

The starrrr.. woofff.


They were totally ignoring the adults.

While we kept ourselves busy with food.
Ooooh bacon and golden mushrooms! Another signature dish from dear Auntie Nat.

We were also eagerly anticipating Auntie Nat's world famous LAMB RACK!

Not easy cutting it all up okie.. thats why we need a muscle man to do it!

Delicioussss max!

The boys.
Nick came down after work to help finish all the food.. haha!

With no children to disturb.. we disturb the dog.

Beefcake also want to chup one leg.

More food.

That night all we did was to keep the wine flowing, food coming and conversation going.
There were much laughter, happy moments and love around.

We seemed to throw all worries in the air to throughly enjoy the time together.
Maybe we might do it again, but with everyone's busy schedules - it will take some time!

Nevertheless, I am totally grateful for everyone who took time off with their families to have a small dinner together.
And to my lovely readers - Thank you all for sharing this wonderful experience with me.

Love the style?

I chose to wear my new bohemian babydoll top from CREAMQ.WORDPRESS.COM!

It was a hot day (wat else?) so I wanted to wear shorts!
Easy to run around the table for food!

They have a lovely range of dreamy styles suitable for all korean-inspired fashion!
I love how their dresses look, and so many kinds of apparels to suit everyone~

From the gentle office lady look, demure girl-next-door, to the adventurous trendy girl - u can find something u like!

I cant wait to wear my ROSES IN THE GARDEN DRESS TOO!
Its so cuteeee and perfect for a garden party...!

CREAMQ.WORDPRESS.COM! is fast, efficient and totally fashionable!
There are maxi dresses and pretty dresses for all girls!


CreamQ is currently offering all readers FREE NORMAL SHIPPING when u quote elaine73.blogspot...!
Its just that easy!

Take a look and see if u can find something that u like to stand out from the crowd.
I dig the dresses they have coz they are really unique!

On a totally random note.. MY LUNCH TODAY!

Kawaii to the maxxxx fishcake for me!
Such things me a happieeee girl.

"I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful."
- Marilyn Monroe

Take care all!
I will edit this post later for replying tags!

My parents are coming over for dinner tonight!
We are going to eat mooncakeeeee yipeeeee~

Enjoy the mooncake festival dear all.
God bless.


Going to pop my legs up on the table, make a cuppa tea - eat my tim tams and play ANGRY BIRDSSSSS first!

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