Cutting Hair and FashPoria

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi everyoneee!
Hows the week coming along? Mine had been busy, busy, busy!

I went for a haircut earlier this week.
Actually a small trim coz my bangs were getting incredibly long!

Wore my new green off shoulder top from FASHION EUPHORIA!
I [heart] off shoulder tops~

Decided to steam my dry, brittle hair.
I do my own hair mask on alternate weeks, but I condition and apply serum everyday.

Sometimes its becoz Im lazy, but I will always try to air dry my hair whenever I can.
Otherwise, its using the hairdryer and curling it with a tong everyday! Thats why my hair is so dry.

Met my good friend for wanton mee in Parkway!

I like to eat wanton mee! Especially the ones with dark sauce and ketchup~
It reminds me of my childhood when my daddy will always buy it as breakfast on weekends.

Oooh I loveeee fried wanton!

We ended up drinking teh in the foodcourt for 2 hours! Chit-chatting the day away.. it was great fun.Then I went home before it turned dark.

I cut my hair so short hor!

I was wearing my skinny jeans actually, but it was VERY HOT that day!
So I super tak boleh tahan~

Then still feeling very warm.. I tried to tie my hair! Quite fun to use my Japanese pink ribbon.
I got it from the 100yen shop when I went to Tokyo eons ago. U can get it from Daiso! :D

Feel so much better..!
Its absoluteeee fuss free hair... Great for bad hair days too!

Let u see PINK ribbon again okieee!

Another angle.
I pinned the tail inside so it looks 'bouncy'.

And then at night, we went for a movie.

I used my new ribbon! I collect them becoz I use them on my bags, in my hair and tied to my clothes.

I had so much fun playing dress up today!
Have a greeeeeeat weekend girlies~ I have a full day tomorrow and a family dinner at night.

Then its back to work work work!
I wish everyone to stay happy and healthy always.


With special love and appreciation to FASHION EUPHORIA!
They have the most girly and sweetest styles for all gyaru style babes!

They have just revamped to a brandnew website and all new customers can simply quote "ELAINE73" for $5 off total purchases for the month of October!

So hurry before items sell off like hotcakes~


I loveeeee all their Japanese inspired style!
But most of all.. I loveeeee SHOPPING..!!!

Tags to be replied soon!

But Ah Huat Girl.. oh my god are u psychic??? Im working on a totally new Facebook account solely for this space!

Add me here babes!
See u in Facebooook... :)

Elaine Woo

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