DIY foot scrub

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hello dear all!
This is a short post, writing it straight from my living room becoz i have errands to run later!
Had wanted to post it yesterday but i was so plonked from the hilarious jie mei gathering yesterday - all i wanted to do last night was to jump in bed and sleeeep...!

DIY Foot Scrub

For those who suffer from cracked heels inbetween pedicures, this is my trusty lil secret.
I hate the feeling of dry skin, cracked feet - all the abuse from wearing my favourite heels.

So at home, this simple ritual saves u the trouble from expensive pedicures monthly.
Sometimes i scrub my own feet, remove old nail polish and apply a thin coat of nude polish before i go for a professional pedicure.

Saves time and money.

U need:

- A Foot File
I got mine at Watsons for under $4.

- Sugar
Any kind of sugar that u can find at home.
U need about a tablespoon full.

- Body Wash
I use Dove range becoz I love the smell as it reminds me of my childhood.

Alternatively, u can use any body scrub you have at home.
It will work just fine.

But the fun part about DIY is finding any old stuff at home and making it into something else.

- Olive oil
- Body moisturiser
- Pair of old socks


1. Wet feet.
U can either do it in the shower, or use a pail with warm water and afew drops of essential oil.
Feet must be wet, do no use foot file on dry skin.

2. Use a tablespoon of sugar and about a tablespoon of body wash.
Mix well and apply to feet.
U can use it up to ur calves.
(like how they do it during pedicures)

3. Give feet a good firm massage.

4. Wet foot file and scrub the balls of ur feet concentrating at ur heels.
Rinse off with warm water.

5. After drying ur feet, use 2 drops of olive oil and add it to ur moisturiser.
Apply generously to feet and legs.

6. Wear ur old socks and have an early night!

In the morning u will find that ur feet is soft and supple.. Do this religously and u will have smooth skin..!
No more cracked heels.

Ok got to go now..
Back soon.


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