Families, Steamboat and the Moon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Due to our respective work commitments, our families had to celebrate yesterday instead of tonite.
So while its still not too late, I'll try to quickly post this before I go off for work!

I love spending family time :)
Its the bond that we should never forget, regardless of how busy we are with our daily work and lives.
Even a simple home-cooked meal means the world to me.

Its actually the first time having dinner with both families in the new place (haha, coz up to recently we were still using the old dining table u noe..) so I was super hyped-up!

Jungle Boy n his mum went to the market before the sun came up, and then I went to NTUC and then Sheng Siong with her in the afternoon to get more stuff!

Fun max!
I actually like market-ing.

From the vivid colours of the vegetables & fruits , to the the various kinds of produce each stall has - combined with the the loud hawkering of the sellers and the way all the aunties seem to go about in the wet market is both intriguing and fascinating to me.

But most importantly, all they want is to cook a nice meal for the family and that to me - is both heartwarming and sweet.


Okiessss first up! (Earlier in the week)
Lunch with my 'other' family...

I had church that day so it was a more conservative purple ruffled top with skinny pants!
Love the intricate sitching on the edges of the shirt.

After lunch and someone went ipad-buying hehehe - we headed for a small caffeine fix.
So cuteeee! Can u see the heart shape? :D

And yesterday was family day.

Spending time with loved ones.
Or catching...

And wearing a playsuit!

The feast begins...

Home-made goodness tastes best with loved ones.
And this sambal kicks ass!
I eat it with everything~!

Taking pictures round the table.

Then my camera's battery died on me..

So now my hands are free to take all the yummy food!
Loveeeee eating steamboat.

But the best thing about eating at home - if ur camera dies on u, u can go and grab ur charger and chargeeeee battery!!!

We adjourned outside to bask in the wonderful moonlight.

The orchids one of our dear church friends who gave us for the new house.
Very thoughtful and sweet.

Looking up in the sky.

Thank you everyone!
I hope u enjoy stuffing urself with all kinds of mooncakes and playing lanterns today!

I'll reply tags now (yes yes.. solly solly arh) so catch it later below this post!


Take care and see u all next week!


Special thanks to CLOTHESNPEOPLE.COM for their lovely purple ruffled top and pink playsuit!

Its perfect for family dinners and its soooo comfortable to prance around the house in a playsuit!
Like its name, its playful and cute so I really like wearing those!

The first 10 readers who quote ELAINE05 will get 5% off everything until the end of September!

Hurry becoz they have new stuff and there are maxis and playsuits and for the working women here - CLOTHESNPEOPLE.COM has a huge range of tops for u to wear with ur high-powered heels and 2.55s!

They even sell authentic Rayban/Chanel/Gucci sunglasses at a cheaper price so remember to take a look babesss!

Prices are reasonable and the owners are such a gem!
Happy shopping everyone~


Stay happy everyone.


Ah Huat Girl: hello hello babe! Where did u go? Hehhehe never tag me le? Hows ur pimple?
N yesss I love shopping in drugstores becoz prices are so reasonable and products dun lose to high-end stuff.

Tanya: Hahaha u r rite!!! I love NARS more but MAC is pretty good too! Except I prefer the blushes from NARS and some of their sparkly stuff are much better than MAC. But MAC has the widest range of lipsticks and they do their part for charity which I really admire. :)

chouxx: Hmmmm.. Its very simple actually. U simply dip the metal ball in the cream and dot it around ur eyes (over and under) Use the metal ball over ur eye area in a gentle motion until cream dissappears. Tap using fingers lightly after.
Thats all~

Tanya: LOL! That was soooo long ago??? Yes I like it but I haven been to Korea for a long time so I didnt stock up! But if I were to go Korea again, I will most def get it becoz I really like it too! :D
p.s I hope u like the beauty tips! More to come I hope!

Auntie: Wahahaha ur nick soooo cute! I hope u are really not an auntieeee!
I bought this from new york's H&M sometime ago! I dunno if they still have it thou my dear auntie!

Pinky: Thank u so much dear!!! I have no idea wat colour it is but I try to do hair masks from time to time to maintain the shine.

dollhouse: Thanks babe!!1 If u like off-shoulder tops then pls stay tune for I have a new advert this month and its all about off-shoulder topssss!!! :D

Hearts: Yes u are very sharp!!!! Its AQ compact powder n I really love how smooth n silky it is.
But the price... puts me off max! :p
The face brush is from Shu Uemura and Laura Mercier - I like their brushes best.
New Yorkers are the most unique in the world! LOL! But nice people are everywhere and so are total weirdos... I try not to bother thou! Just concentrate on shopping!!!! Hahahhaha

11pm: Ur nick soooo cute! why 11pm ah?? Not 12? or 10?? Kekekke kidding!
My makeup is the same for both outside n work although I use more at work. :)

Yixuan: Thank u darling!!! *kiss*

itzmoiz: Have I replied u? I will email u later ya! :) And my hair is straight - I curl it with a tong everyday. (Yes.. I noe.. troublesome but wat to do!)

alexa: Sorry.. but it is in New York. :p Although Liang Court might have! :)

Tiffany: Omg flashback! That was eons ago.. like in 2004? :p
Commercials? Nooooo way.. Im not very good looking in real life - dun be fooled by my excellent photo-taking skills! :p

Steph: Im sorry but I have no idea. U can try TPF or more commonly-known as The Purse Forum to check on the most updated Chanel pricings. Good luck!

PI: Thank u babe!! But its from Nine West 2-3yrs ago?? It is very comfy but I also cant find similar ones recently so I keep wearing them for summer in NYC! :D

Keira: Grey? Or brown..? :) Was it from the NYC post? Then its from Forever21 dear!

LUCY KIM: Hi babe! I use CANON S95 dear!

Pauline: Blue dress?? Or black one?? In the nyc post too? Then its Forever21 babe! :D

I: I bought it from Simei NTUC babe! :)

11pm: I neber lose weight leh...!!! But I really stopped eating MacDelivery and then whenever I feel hungry I drink alot of water first. Try it!

Emmeline: U can do a search on my searchbox for my makeup tutorial dear!

11pm: Thank u for replying for me sweets! *hugz*

sweets: Hi babe! No worrrr I got the CANON S95 instead!!! Its not bad too! N I like canon!

ping: Thank u darling!!!! How r u???

JJ: Its called the SUPER SKINNY JEAN. Medium Indigo
Style: 0434-7960 | 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex

Jaymee: Thank u dear! I might do it soon! :D

morning love: Thank u babe!! I like the white top too! :p Hahhaha ya lor the kids busy playing apps so only left the dog to disturb..! He very angry with us.. keep growling.
Service? Hmmmm I have my share of bad service but I try to be reasonable. Sometimes the service stuff is paid so little u cant really expect top-notch service. So I guess as long as it is not too bad, I dun really mind.
Hottie looks??? Hahhaha wat is that?? Im such a auntie already I dun think guys will look at me.. :p
Asked for number??? OMG hahahhaha maybe 10 yrs ago???? Now dun have already laaa! The guys now not interested in a nearly 30 yr old woman like me...... u noe! wahhahaha :p

Tiffany: I will be a yoga instructor and a volunteer in my church. :)
Do watever ur heart tells u to do - never be afraid of the unknown.

Mikan: Thank u dear! Email me and I will reply u. :)
I curl it using my Panasonic Ionity tong and so far its great to use!!!!

Angeles: Thank u sweets! I AM HAPPY!
Like I always say - U can either choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad.
I chose HAPPY.

But most importantly I wish happiness for everyone.


Love and kisses butterflies and pictures.

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