Saturday, September 25, 2010

Helloooo everyone!
How is ur weekend coming along?

I just had the most filling dinner with the family and its back home now with the tv turned on and doing something I have always loved... SHOPPING!

Im very excited becoz I've just ordered this...


Although ILOVEBEINGREAL have been around for sometime, this newly launched season marks the new beginning and a new direction of the website!

This maxi reminds of lying around in the grass, chasing butterflies, smelling the flowers and eating ripe strawberries.

Looking at their latest collection brings me to think of my favorite bohemian chic style ala Nicole Ritchie - My ultimate boho queen.
I've always loved the wild princess look, so careless and free.

She brings u to a secret kingdom - where dangerous knights run wild.

Love her gypsy look.

I want to run to the forest with my new maxi dress and take a picture in the sunlight.

I am totally digging this look.
Do u?

Take care everyone~
Im back to online shopping... til then.


**All readers here can simply quote "elaine73" when placing orders for FREE POSTAGE on all items!
Stocks are limited so hurry!



JJ: Hi dear! I might do a hair tutorial soon! :D But I need to schedule a fringe cut first coz my bangs are all over in my eyes! :p

Pauline: U're welcome babe! But Im terribly sorry I cant find the name of the dress becoz I've thrown the tag away sometime ago. All I hope is that this might be a very new season piece, hence it might not be in Singapore yet! And also it might be too new to be in the website.
OR... it might be a really old piece thats why u cant find it. :(:(:(
(I cant even confirm if it is new season or old becoz u noe the store is usually pretty messy..)

lovelie: Hi sweets! I live in the east. :)

Ah Huat Girl: Wahahahhahaha YO YO YO! Eh u really very funny lor when I read the tag I was like, wat!!! Hahhaha Daddy Huat so li hai in casino??? He is God of Gambler??? :P
I stay in the east but not exactly at eastpoint (simei) area! heheh although now that u mentioned.. I think it looks alittle similar! Kekekek!
p.s Rm300 is alot for cosmeticsssss!!!

Fanzie: Hello dear! I dun really use Makeup Forever products becoz I am not really attracted by the stuff that they have. Given the price which they charge, I do think that MAC is extremely similar and thus I would really rather buy MAC products.
The only thing that I like is their white shimmery crayon to line my eyes with - but frankly that is all about it. Sorry! But I hope I help u save money! :p

Janie: Hi dear! First and foremost I am extremely touched that u will even think of this small space to cheer ur loved one up.
I have never gone thru any operation (or similar) but I would think it is a rather trying time for the person itself and everyone who cares.

To janie's friend: Please do not give up or lose hope becoz I really wish for u to know that everyone here will be praying and wishing u all the best.
And at anytime do u need a listening ear, u can always email me or leave an anonymous tag here and I will reply u as soon as I can.

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."
-Mother Teresa

Jolie: For acne prone skin - I would recommend u to use BB creme instead of compact powder.
A BB creme has healing properties and if u would like more coverage, U can consider using a mineral loose powder over the BB creme.
But most importantly ( and I can never emphasize enough on:) cleansing.
Do get a special or gentle cleanser for acne prone skin as not to further irritate sensitive skin.
I recommend u to use Cetaphil after removing makeup or on makeup-free skin.

If all else fails, please seek professional help for they are in the best position to help u becoz they will understand ur condition best.

Take care and good luck everyone~
Off to bed soon and back to blog again!
Love love.

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