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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hi everyone!
I've been so busy these days with sudden work trips and running errands - but if there is one thing i will never stop doing.. Its SHOPPING!

I absolutely love going to drugstores and buying small toiletries.
U cant imagine how much time i spend just looking at labels, scrutinising brands and opening lids, smelling shampoos.

So here's a small list of my newest buys and favourite items from ur very humble Watsons/Guardian etc.

Spring Heart eyebrown pencil in Light Brown

I like this becoz its not easy to find such a light coloured pencil. But this will only work if u trim ur eyebrows very shortly for the brown to show through.
(i might do an eyebrow tutorial soon!)

Kiss Me Heroine false eyelashes

U can get them at any Watsons, and they can be reused for sometime if u are extra careful.
I like 03 although i might buy 04 next time.
(As seen in pic.)

Heres a picture of the looks i like to recreate myself.
Dolly looking lashes with light brown eyebrows and pinky lip.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

I keeo forgetting to introduce this although i recommended it to my BFFs before.
Its very special, with hardly any smell or colour but it works like a dream on removing dead skin!
U can use it on ur face and even ur body.
I apply it before i put on my masks.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks

This is my everyday mask becoz its cheap, easy to use and is extremely hydrating for its price.
A good and simple mask if u have dry skin and need a quick moisture fix.

I like the Grape ones becoz i have conbination skin.

Lucidol Hair Wax (Green tub)

I use this for my new shorter hairdo.
After i tong my hair, i use alittle of wax - rubbing into my palms and lightly teasing hair for a volumious look.

Sally Hansen Megashine topcoat

This is the only topcoat that i use, even OPI topcoat cant beat it.
I use this to prolong my nail colour and it dries so quickly that are no time for smudges even after applying a fresh coat of colour.

Ok thats all dearies!
I need to go grab dinner and then back to work soon!
Tags to be replied at the end of this post later.

Catch u all soon lovelies..
Here is another Japanese makeup tutorial for everyone~

P.s have u all been eatimg mooncake?
I love it so much!


Edited to reply tags

Tammy: Hi dear! Sorry i missed out the brand. Its Cle De Peau. (Thanks AHG!) :p

Ah Huat Girl: omg i sooooo love ur name!!! Hahaha very funny wor!
I love Nars so much lor... Its really great! But my newest post is on a wider range of items.
Hope u like it too! ;)
Ok... With regards to ur skin - is it a pimple or acne?
If its a one off pimple, i would recommend Proactive skincare line from drugstores.
Its really effective but it may cause skin drying (due to benozyl peroxide) so use with care.
I used it inbetween my normal skincare and i find that my pimple dimished in size very quickly.
But i dun use it all the time.
But if u have acne, then i will ask u to see a doctor becoz only they can help u professionally.

Yixuan: Hi babeeee!!! U are so lucky!! I hope u enjoyed urself very much! Where did u go? Buy alot?? Hehehehe!

Esther: Sure dearie!! :D

Starz: Thanks alot sweets!i like my hair now! Its so easy to style! Early early know i faster cut liao. Keke!

Lijun: Thank u dearie!!i was so afraid to cut my hair u noe, hehe!

Need help for my hair: hello! I do the dove range (dark blue) for my shampoo n conditioner. Followed by a serum after towel drying the hair.
The trick is also to use cold air to blast the hair after ur are done blowdrying it.
I should do a tutorial soon i think! :p

EYE: oh dear! How r u applying it? I use my fourth finger to tap the cream in gently. Use light tapping motions and do not rub it in, ya?

LoyalFan: Hi dear! I do it at Dr Chan in east coast. They cost ard 100 each time. For more details, email me. :)

Ai_Mei_Li: hello babe!! Thsnk u for ur support and omg u used to fly with UA?? So coool!
Then were u based in the states? Or here?
I love Nars lor, so much... I always try to buy something becoz their colours are really to die for! Esp the blushes.. So nice.
N i love baby phat owner!! Kimori lee simons super funny can! I record her shows on scv. :p
Cheesecake factory food damn nice can!! But the food portions soooo big! I cant finish... Anyway food taste best shared. Keke.

Esther: Thank u babe! Yes i am trying to blog as much as i can but now im using my ipad so i get pretty blind by the time i finish n its no joke.. :(
But i can only write properly when im overseas so i hope that theres more to come! Yeah yeah!
And yes... The old name has such special memories for me althou i do think its time to let go, move on and look to the future. Hehe.

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