Mooncakes and Hamsters

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hi everyone!
Im so glad to announce that my internet is finally up at home ---!

Its been such a long journey , with the house, work, families and the lack of broadband.
I would really like to thank gratefully my dearest blogshop owners who had so patiently waited for me to reply emails and do adverts.
I hope I will post more often!

I have so many things to share sometimes I think I live eat breathe blogspot.
And with my new trusty camera (Its a CANON S95, btw for those who are interested, hehe.) I now go everywhere with it to camwhore.

So please dun be afraid to suddenly see an influx of so many pictures of yours truly - 7th month over already.

Yesterday I went for dinner with my daddy mummy!
We had to go get mooncakes and pomelos - for giving family and friends for the Mooncake festival.

So off we went for a small family dinner.

I found an old old necklace in my closet - also from Forever21 a long time ago.

I like crowns its very cute!
I would love to get a crown tattoo but Im so afraid I might change my mind ten years down the road.

I look alittle close to being a zombie becoz I had just came back from New York.
Without any sleep.

My hair looks alittle reddish here, but its not really so in real.

Its flowery pink and easy to wear!

I had to wear some shorts under to protect my modesty - but also becoz Im not so ladylike, haha!
Dun let the pictures fool u.. I might look very girly girl but Im actually quite boyish!

Another look.
I paired it with my wide belt - something which I got from a pasar malam kinda store in HK eons ago I think.
Its cheap and trendy even after so long!
Looks perfect with the dress.

And then I went out and played with hamsters.

So cuteeeeeee!!!!
I love all things small and furry.
Actually big and furry also I like.

So okieee, I like ALL THINGS FURRY!

Her name is Shiro - which means white in Japanese.
I would loveee to get a dog but we really cant bear to deal with the heartbreak all over again.

So for those who needs a dog-sitter! Call me!
I can play with ur dogs/hamsters/cats.. for FREE!

Two more cutieee pics.

Love the dress?
Please go to VENUSITY.LIVEJOURNAL to take a look!
All readers can simply quote "ELAINE73_C3" for 5% off all items!

In addition, the kind owners have decided to include an extra 5% for collection #1!!! So its 5% off regular prices for all items and a 10% discount for collection one!
Discount code is only valid until Oct '10 so please hurry, babes!

I absolutely love this flora dress.. its so lovely for the weather.
Made of top quality chiffon, u can wear it with shorts and ballet flats - or with a pair of jeans and kitten heels!


Ok byeeee everyone~
Auntie elaine going to NTUC for some shopping - later got a BBQ party!
So excited! Love parties.


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