NYC part deux

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ok, being on the laptop is like a blessing becoz after using an ipad to blog... windows are so much better!
Maybe I might be singing a different tune when I get an imac.. but for the time being - I am happy to be blogging proper!

And of coz - camwhoring.

I look at my black black camera and smile.
Quite fun this thing.

Here's yesterday.

I absolutely heart maxi dresses.
Im no good with short dresses becoz I have short stumpy legs and I hate wearing heels on a normal day.

Im either in shorts or slippers (yes.. Im one of those Singaporeans who dun dress up) and then I try to wear maxi dresses more becoz Im plain lazy.

But I am trying to revamp my wardrobe!
More girly dresses and sweet *puke* style now.

After I cut my hair, I think I dare to try anything now.

Talking about trying, I walked in Forever21 and bought not one, but TWO dresses ok!
And I dun even normally wear dresses/skirts.
But one was one sale and the other's a alittle longer so it should be great for church.
More pics later!

But after taking these pics, I changed into t-shirts and jeans.

Its was raining!
And I cant possibly wear such a nice dress out in the rain.

But first, I had to grab a coffee.

Found myself walking towards Times Square.

But I only have one thing in mind....

Its their flagship store and it was HUGEEEEE!
Hehee but nothing much coz its all autumn wear and pretty unsuitable for home.

I like summer clothes, where its fun and light.
And blogshops really have much nicer clothes now - at a cheaper price too!
So yay for online shopping!

Have to have a Hello Kitty somewhere in my post.

And if u forgotten where u are...
and thought that u died and gone to shopping heaven..

Nothing better to remind u that u're in NEW YORK!!!

Then in American Eagle..

Haha Im a confused person!
First I try to be girly by buying dresses - then I cant resist the urge to be all tomboyish by buying a pair of ripped jeans.

I dunno wat I wan.

Everything I guess!
Different styles to match my many different moods.

Carried on walking...
and reached

The ever famous Sex and the City episode where carrie bought a cupcake from Magnolia.
Actually the cupcakes are pretty over-rated, but cute nevertheless.

Then I walked to 5th Ave which was pretty near by.

5th Ave is a street of high fashion shops and where the original Tiffany & Co flagship store is.
In 1961, the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's was released to worldwide adoration of both the actress Audrey Hepburn and the brand Tiffany & Co.

Everytime I walk pass it, I think about how classic the movie is.
I have the DVD at home and sometimes I watch it and hum along to Moon River.
Loveeee it.

Can u believe there was a Q at abercrombie??
I wanted to go pick up a t-shirt or two, but the line was so long - its CRAZY!

Taking pics as I go along.
(If u cant see - one of the shops has this quote "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN LIFE IS THE ABILTY TO LOVE.")

I headed to the ever busy Apple store to get some stuff.
Wanted to grab a Diet Coke at the pushcarts on the street and he told me 3bucks!

Which was the price of my beer yesterday!
So I scowled at him and said "Forget it." Hahahhaa I can be such a cheapo sometimes I cant stand myself.

And of coz a trip to the shoe department.
On the way there..

My new Tory Burch!
I had always wanted to get another pair but I didnt want one in the colours they offered.. until I saw this.

They are not awfully expensive and is so cuteeeee!
I love flats coz they are comfortable and easy to drive in.

I was so beat from walking around the whole day!
So I went back and relax alittle, and also to pack some stuff.

Nothing here cost more than 59bucks each.
(Except the shoes.)

Had to give it a go!

This dress is quite cute, no?!
Hehehee I love the lacey part at the bottom - unique.

I heart this necklace so much!
Its cheap and simple - from Forever21.
I even got one for my girlfriend! (She gave me my pink Hello Kitty so I got her something small back.)

I dun think u need to validate friendships with expensive presents : even a small stuffed toy can really make my day.

And then.. something that really makes me a happy girl.

I lurvvvvee this mochi dessert from the nearby Japanese supermarket!
Mochi rockssss.

If that is not enough...

I forgot I still have my cupcake.
*slaps forehead*

Ok bye girlie girls!
I need to catch some sleep before I go back home!

Back to my scv and my fishey fishey.. One day take pictures let u see how greedy my baby fishes are.
Take care all~

I will be back soon!

God bless.

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