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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello everyone!
Im currently away at the moment but the internet is (finally!) being fixed at home - after we bought the modem's wires coz clumsy us lost it while moving.

My camera broke down on me last week.
It was going pretty ku-ku for awhile already but I was too stingy to get one.
And then it finally protested, made a little whimper and died totally.

One day BEFORE my new york trip.
How nice.

So I decided to get this.

As u can tell, the new camera is black, boring and with no diamonds watsoever.
It doesnt even have cutesy charms!

I decided to be alittle more grown-up this time, preferring to do away with all the pinky stuff.

I had enough of the "Wow this is a CAMERA?"
Or, "Ur charms weigh more than ur camera."
Or, "What the.."

Everytime I ask someone to take a picture for me.
Every single time.

But now I look at my camera, I forget its mine.

Serious grown up pictures now onwards ok?
(Like real. We'll see how long it lasts.)

This is my makeup drawer!
Its mainly items that I use on a daily basis.
Oh man.. and wow..! - do I have alot!
Never realised it til I saw this.

And my morning ritual.
I like the occasional cup of java, but I usually prefer drinking tea.

I really love my Hello kitty!

Actually these are test shots.. hehe I cant take pictures for nuts!
Here's more.. but in new york.

I email Jungle Boy to tell him Im here safely.
About 12 hours later.

The next day - I meet my friends!

Outside the coffeeshop.

Walking to take the subway.
The traffic is horrid in New York and nobody really bothers to drive on weekdays. U can hear persistent horning, an army of fire engines, police cars and its such a daily occurrence nobody bats an eyelid.

But back home - if u hear horning, everybody surely turn and look.
Or gawk at fire engines and police sirens going off.

My father, better still: sure take picture and show us!
"See! Just now got accident - later I go buy 4D."

*Sings the national anthem*

Nothing to do.

Look what I saw.

It was an absolutely lovely day.

We arrived at AGAVE!

We need drinks!

The usual suspects.
Im pretty sure u've seen them all before.

The sissy drink belongs to Al.

Haaaapy hours are happy indeed.
Beers at 3bucks, margaritas at $4. Something like that.

We is happy.

Playing around with the camera functions.

I miss them so much!
Wish they will come back to Singapore soon so we can go eat chicken rice/laksa(*cough AL cough*) and prawn mee!

Actually the place never matters.. its always the company that counts!

Actually they bought world-cutest-dog to the restaurant too!
I love ang moh countries! I saw a dog licking the couch in Saks.
Quite unsanitary, but oh so cute.

The food we had.
And we kinda forced jason into eating spinach.. turns out - he liked it!

Desserts were chocolate and more chocolate.
I like the fondue coz it was dark chocolate, but at the end of it my throat was killing me.
If not, I could swear I would have ate MORE!

We had a great time!
(Look properly and u can see stella baby on Jason busy looking at the food instead! Haha!)

Stella's woozy and sleepy coz we were busy with dinner.

Shes soooo cute.. little puppy loves.

It was getting late so we all headed back.

I always love sidewalks becoz they take me back to the scenes of Sex and the City shows.
Carrie lived in a townhouse so many episodes feature her and Mr Big on sidewalks and I loved them all.

Ok bye everyone!
I have part II but that will be in the next post, ya.

Here's afew pics before I left for dinner.

I think my hair is longer!
I feel like cutting it again.. :x

Ok off to eat something and then I should pack my bag!
Love love.

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