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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last night we went for a going-away dinner at Proccaci with close friends.

They will be uprooting to Bangkok extremely soon so we wanted to catch up and enjoy some good food and wine before they leave our Lion city.

Located at the very romantic Customs House in the CBD area - the night view was as spectacular as the food.

We have been to Proccaci several times in the afternoon where sometimes our friend - who owns the place - would join us for a chat, but this is the first time we are there for dinner.

We had a lovely bottle of Chianti to go with dinner, it was both reasonably-priced and easy to drink.
We liked it so much that we ordered a crate for our wine chiller!

Sometimes I enjoy having a glass of red to wind down after a hectic day at work.
I dun party anymore, but a drink or two at dinner is something that I have been picking up in the recent years.
And it doesnt even have to be wine : my favourite drink is still beer (with ice) becoz I will always be a kopitiam girl at heart.

Our Starters.
The Calamari is to die for!

Beef with White Truffle.

Mozzarella.. my favourite!

Then we had our main courses.

Sirloin Steak.

Angel Hair Pasta with Prawns

Veal Shank.

After the hearty meal, we adjourned outside to enjoy the breeze and take a look at the view.

MBS was directly opposite.

Desserts to end off the already sweet night.
My favouriteeee molten chocolate cake! Dark warm chocolate oozes out the moment u cut into.. heavenly!

I will miss our friends, but thankfully BKK is just a plane hop away!

Take care everyone, tomorrow Lover coming over and we going to watch Eat,Pray Love!
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On a private note - Thank you dear all for your warm wishes and kind support!

It has been quite a journey, being together day in day out with someone for nearly 4 years is no joke.
Sometimes we argue and we fight like any normal couple: but at the end of the day we both know that we are in this together for the long-term.

People tell me "Oh this is something you have been waiting for" or "Finally he proposed!" but actually we have talked about this many a time and we both have a mutual understanding that the day will come where we will decide to officiate our relationship.

So actually when he did propose, I wasnt that all surprised - coz I have always knew that he would.. someday.

I was more surprised at the WAY he proposed.. but when Jungle Boy wants to do something, he sure damn is going to get it done!
But thats another story for another day.

So I thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart.

But rest assured - I am still plain ol' me, with or without the ring.

God bless.


Jolie: Dear Jo, thank u! And did u manage to find a good BB cream in the end? :)

Pauline: Ure welcome babe!

Reader: Yes dear, I use Laura Mercier Mineral powder and u can find some mineral powder from major cosmetic brands like Elizabeth Arden, MAC, Clinique and Maybelline. U really have to try it out and see which one u most prefer! :D

Reader: I drink more water, use my toner on it religiously and hope for the best. LOL. But I dun really have pimples so when I do I just let it fade by itself. If I really tak boleh tahan, then I will apply pimple cream. :p

Fanzie: Omg ahahahhaha and I thought that my story with LBT will be the last thing anyone would want to listen to! :p

keira: Thanks babe! I should have cut my hair earlier and saved all the shampoo money! hehhe!

Mocha_Lover: U can always transfer some loose powder into smaller portable pots for touch up but I like to use my ANNA SUI glitter powder (its purple) or my ZA compact. Its the best!

Scary Cat: If I am stranded on a island.. I will bring my La Mer moisturiser. Its really great for dry skin (as I think I will have if Im on an island.. and most islands are in tropical countries.. kekeke!) and the beauty item (pls tell me I can bring ONE more item) will be my FALSE LASHES laaa! I am nothing without them.. they are my LIFE! :p
I enjoyed this question! :D

Mac_Fries: Yoga is more like a way of life, it teaches u to calm ur senses and take note of ur breathing.
With yoga, u realise that some moves may seem easy but without concentration - u cant do it at all! It is the same with life.. sometimes we tend to forget abt the small details. :)
Pilates is more of training ur core muscles, alot of pilates students have a bad back due to having a weak core (lifestyle, diet etc) and pilates strengthens it and many become pain-free after regular pilates classes. If u have a back problem u can try pilates but pls always let ur instructor know if u have any conditions before u start.

bebe: PRACTISE! I took many years to perfect it and til now I cant say its 100% good! But I use a tweezer and I find that it really helps lotsa!!! :D

Jane: Dear jane, cohabitation is wrong but I have never said that Im a perfect Christian. :)
Im human just like u are, and I am not an exception.

ping: Great to hear from u again dearest! Oooh xinjiang! China? I think it should be lovely!!! Happy for u.. hope to hear from u soon! xoxo

elie: Thank u sweets! But my life is far from perfect.. pls dun be mistaken.
I am exactly like everybody else and I go thru good times n bad times like any human being.
The only thing is that I am a pretty positive person so I try to take everything in my stride.
Life is simple, really.
N when u are contented - U can find ur happiness. :D

AHG: U add me in FB already anot???????

kai: yes thank u! I love them very much too~

Tiffi: Yes I have tried their skincare and I think its not too bad! But it sure is expensive.. so I never bought a refill. :p

J: Its called the R.RACING GTI app. :)

AHG: Did u send me a msg in FB??? Hahhaha send me again leh! I wan to see ur LIM BEI BEI! :p

bebe: Aiyo I tell u ah.. my hair salon where I did my hairstyles for frendz weddings CLOSED DOWN!
Super win max lor~~~ the rent went up and the boss refuse to pay so they simply closed down! I am so sad! :(

AHG: But I got no Taka card.. and we want to buy another coffee maker.. hehehe~

Jas: Branded items are not cheap in Switzerland becoz they dun use euro, they use Swiss franc. So the exchange rate is not the same as other european countries althou it will def be cheaper than in Singapore.
Go sightseeing!!! they have the best scenic places! :D

mao2: I will email u :)

silly: I do it at SUPERCUTS, east coast. Ivy Liu.

gracieee: Hehhehe dun scold me.. I was with my friend wor... :P

Oh my god: Im a NC 30 or 25. (also can) :)

wish to fly: It may sound silly.. but I never come home to SINGAPORE enough. :)
Other than that it will be Paris, followed by Japan and New York.

spec: My hair dryer is from Wella (professional) and my curling tong, Panasonic Ionity.

Ling: Really?? Might be me wor!!!!!!!!

H we Love: ooooooooh myyyyy goddddd... how do u know its me!! Ok stupid question.. must be my collages?? All the same pattern one rite!!! :p

fp babe: Thanks dear!!!! I am so tempted.. the coffee from espresso machines really very nice hor!!!

FashionMag: I dun really have one but I have been going to CozyCot on and off.. these days I only go bag forum.. *guilty look* whahahahhaha!

Lina: LOL I have alot of makeup in my drawer hor! But for touch up I only bring my NARS blusher and my ZA compact powder or ANNA SUI compact powder (purple colour)

ma02: oooooh myyyy godddd... another one from TPF??? Hellooooo fellow H fan!!! kekekkekek!

AHG: U slowly wait lor... he doesnt pay for my H!!! I have to use my own money lor! Coz he say I am still working!!!! sad riteeeeee...


Mikan: Thanks dear!!! I am really tempteddddd...

kai: I dun sleep until evening then I knock out all the way to tune my body back to local timing. :)

Anon: Yes u are rite! hahhaha i use LM loose powder.. blusher is NARS SUPER ORGASM.

AHG: I damn busy lor.. call n call hotel until my voice hoarse... email n email until my finger pain..

Lovely: There are no ways to combat pimples becoz everyone reacts differently but I try to drink alot of water and dun eat so much fried food. But its is so difficult!! :p

fate: I got them from SAKS. 5th ave.

Lovely: yes!!! I buy n buy alot of NARS!!! I love them!!! N ANNA SUI! I like their smell!!!

ky: U can look for some brands like murad, they have DIY peeling systems. But always try on ur skin to avoid allergies, dear.

missy: Hi dear! how r u! hehhehe no i go to supercuts becoz its nearer to my current place.. n becoz i lazy sometimes to go so far for fringe trim.

kelly: Thank u for ur support! I will keep ur advice in mind. :)

audrey: Thank u for understanding! But I have to inform everyone that I have never taken any money for advertisements so they are purely reviews and information for readers to share good deals. :D

AHG: Thanks dear! I am so busy with work! u are riteeee!
and yeshhhh i everyday go TPF see see look look for new H!!! *guilty max*

AHG: I got reply u hor~~~~
Yes yes yes I think TPF very dangeroussss!! Will make u buy n buy!!! wo de tian ah~~ im so broke.
Next time show me ur H leh! I wan to seeeee!!!!

PL: Please dun envy me.. there is nothing to be envious about! :D
I am a very normal girl and I like pretty pink things n thats all! My bf can be extremely irritating at times and like just now, he say Im like 'DA BIAN'.. so (-_-)''''''
So now u still envy me this 'DA BIAN' anot... hehe... :p

anon: Thank u babe!!! Ur comments really make my day! Xie xie ni!!!! :D

kelly: Hahhaha yes yes I have that requests numerous times but sometimes I really dunno why ppl wan to know all these?? Hahhaha its like quite bo liao wor~ boy call girl ask her out then she refuse he call n call until she scare of him so meet him for a second time then like tat lor~ :p
Next time MAYBE i will say the whole story.. but I think he will paiseh max!!!!
(Coz he is in denial~ he tell everyone IM the one who called him out!)

BFF: kns~~~ u see i take ur picture so pwretty rite...

supporter: Hahahha yes yes I noe what u mean but I really am in a difficult position sometimes. :) And I dun like it when ppl make cruel remarks here and spoil everybody's mood. This should be a happy place mah! :D
But sadly some ppl thrive on ppl misfortune n gloat at their misery.

kai: yes! coz I am like a child mah (my frens say one~~~) :p

Jolie: Thank u dear!!! I hope everyone to be happy too! :D

midori: yes yes I noe!!! U have been here for a loooong time! time flies ah! I wish u all the best too my dear girl :)

red nails: Thank u babe!!! God bless u n ur family too :D

Jenn: *Hugz* Thanks dear! U have been here for so long too rite!!!Thank u for ur support I really appreciate it alot!!!




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