My Surprise Dinner Date

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


U know how I wanted to sit down and reply tags yesterday.. until Jungle Boy told me that he was bringing me out for a surprise dinner date!

It was very sweet of him.. knowing that being alone is precious time together.
(Becoz we usually always have dinner with our families.)


This dinner is a special experience where u have ur dishes at 3 different places!
All within The Beaufort but very, very unique.

We arrived in the evening before the sun sets and guess what I saw!
Lovely peacocks strolling along the main entrance!

Lush greenery as the backdrop.

We were shown to The Pavilion, a chill out lounge where we drank some champagne and was shown the dinner menu.

Overlooking part of the hotel and sea.

U can choose each course from a selection of 3, and the service was very personalised and detailed.

After our order-taking, we were presented with an amuse bouche.

I actually liked it alot!
Foie gras and eel something something.

We held hands and talked alittle before catching the sunset.

The server will check on us periodically and once we are ready, they arranged a buggy to bring us to another restaurant for our hors d'oeuvres.

Leaving the Pavilion.

Where are we going?

It was very exciting not knowing where exactly I was heading.
Can u tell that Im actually hanging on to dear life in the buggy!

We ended up next to Spa Botanica, in a restaurant called The Garden.
It specialises in organic food, hence the green deco.

My selection!

The flower looks good enough to eat!

His dish.

After the hors d'oeuvres, the servers will arrange the buggy to pick us up and send us to another place!

Byeee the Garden.. and then we ended up back to the hotel, at The Cliff!
It was dark by the time we reached there, so we had a great view of the Beaufort with its lights and candles.

This was not on the original menu, we ordered ala carte - coz I cannot resist oysters!!

Our mains finally arrived.

I drank some wine, had a good heart-to-heart talk with Jungle Boy and it was absolutely comforting to know that we agree on certain important decisions.
More on that, laters.


I likeeee the warm chocolate oozing out of my souffle at the bottom and his nutella cake was great too!

The night ended with us looking forward to our future, extremely happy that we have made this huge decision and today we are going to the hotel to look at the ballroom.

I am sooooo excited!
Once things have been confirmed : I will let u girls know rightaway.. okieee??

Hopefully we will like what we see later!

Wedding details below!
Scroll down for more...



I know everyone is eagerly waiting for my proposal story, but maybe I shall start from 2006?
Where we first met.

I think some of my own personal friends dun even know how we met.. so this will be interesting I guess, hee!

Back then, I was single for about a year - having broken up with my then boyfriend in a really bad way.
I was disappointed, hurt and pretty much angry with men.

It was a dark period for me, I partied alot and had many clubbing friends.
Each day was a night after night at Zouk with some people that wasnt very good - to say that least.

But its a learning process of adulthood, which I have grown out of - thankfully.
Ok, so I digress.

I have a friend, lets call her June.
We were chummy back then, meeting up every other day for drinks and dinner. One day after doing my nails (then at Bugis) : we were supposed to meet in a pub for beer called S Club.

Jungle Boy was there.

I have seen him so many times before, while in Velvet when I was in my teens becoz we have mutual friends who go there all the time.
But we have never spoken and I found him very quiet - and Im an extremely talkative person (as everyone will attest to, ) so somehow in the past : we never talked.

But that very night, I was wondering why was everyone calling him LIM BUEY TOR???
It didnt occur to me then that he was the blogger with the same alias, I just thought they was joking when they called him that.

And that he is very thick-skinned becoz it means "NEVER DRUNK" in hokkien!

Maybe it was the alcohol, but I didnt put two and two together even when he told me that his real name was "Chris".
Hmmm... silly me.

We were all drinking alot, playing five-ten (usual) and it was raining that day so I bought my Cookie Monster umbrella.
I dun have a picture off-hand now, but its blue and the handle was Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.
And not only do I have Cookie Monster, I also have a red Elmo umbrella!
(All from japan)

Why am I talking about my umbrellas?
U'll know later.

After S Club, we all adjourned to another pub in boat quay and we split up in different cars.
June and me squeezed into his car that night and we all arrived in the pub only to start another round of drinking.

And five-ten.

Suddenly a fight broke out at the next table and before I could react, June grabbed me and ran becoz glasses were smashed and people started shoving people.

I cant really remember what happened but before I knew it, we hopped into a cab and went home.
It was quite a crazy night but I went back, showered and forgot all about Jungle Boy.

The next day, an unfamiliar number rang and I picked up, not knowing who was on the other line.

"Hello? Can I speak to Elmo please?"


Im really sorry but I will continue tonight babes!
Meeting the wedding coordinator now so I have to go shower n change! :)

Love y'all.
Take care.

Back soon.

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