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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Hellooooo! Its amazing how the week had simply FLEW by me!!!!!!
Is it november already???

Oh gosh~
I remember celebrating my birthday last year in Hua Hin... and now its my birthday month again???

This year we are planning another trip together (coz if u realise I always go for holidays on my birthdays... haha nice try..trying to delude myself that I AM NOT GETTING OLDER!)

Im really excited.
Going to London on Friday with my baby girl Cindee~ and then its BFF's Miko wedding of the year!!!!!!!

She just scolded me on msn AND sms coz I was honest in telling her that I dun have the dress for the gatecrashing yet... hehehe.

The family will be going BKK after my London trip, and Im soo sooo excited becoz I love amazing Bangkok.
People are so friendly there, the mango with glutinous rice rocks and then dun let me get started on the SHOPPING~~~!!!!

What a lovely planned sweet november.

Birthdays can be a cool thing, I suppose.
(After the age of 18, u dun really keep track anymore.)

Bye loves, I will sit down and reply tags by tomorrow before I go to work!
Thank u all for the warm wishes.. I feel fuzzy all over!

Spread the love n happiness too, will ya?
Peace out.


The Social Network is a cool movie..! Although Mark Zuckerberg seemed pretty much like a jerk, u cant help but be in awe of Facebook.

I loved the last scene.. "Add Erica Albright as Friend.. Send Request?"
And after all the money he has.. he clicked "cancel".

Moral of the story: Money doesnt buy u friends.
Or love.

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