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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Its been such a ride: the ROM, the process of planning the wedding, and the final meetups leading to the actual day.
And its not easy..!

The worst part is the guest list where u have to act like a loanshark and run after everyone, hounding them to RSVP.
And its sad when people are reluctant to come, or make blatant requests not to sit with certain frenemies.

So all couples get stuck trying to make everyone happy, yet filling up the tables nicely.
I have not been married before , but I heard that this happens in ALL weddings.

Hence, so the rant list goes on.. hehe.

And its not even MY wedding yet!

Enough of my anal retentive personality disorder.
Wanna see what I got for my BFF?

I really hope she likes it.
(Although technically its not for her.. so..)

Lovely owner of LOVEWRISTLET wrapped it up so nicely I cant really bear to open it all up to take pictures!
Registered mail, no less.

Lovingly assembled and created specially for our night theme - all delicately handmade from scratch!
Can u guess what is it?

So cuteeee! Love My Melody... (or anything pink for that matter.)

Love comes in small doses.

Individually wrapped waiting to be opened on the wedding day!

Distinctively unique, the colour theme was thoughtfully created by LOVEWRISTLET based on BFF's Miko 'dark' night theme.


Usually you have the usual peach, white or pink flower corsages - but this dark midnight blue/purple combination is so exclusive and striking.

Another view.
The pearls between the roses give it a classic feel as a hand accessory.

All 5 jie meis will wear this only at night at the banquet, because its so chic and glamorous.

Special thanks and with much appreciation to here!) for designing this unique corsage for my beautiful bride-to-be BFF!

There were many emails going 3 ways between us, back and forth - due to the colour schemes, particular look or flower types.
But thankfully the lovely owner was not only patient, she dealt with us in the most professional manner.
And this was the end result.

And precisely what we envisioned it to be.

Thank you J and for such beautiful corsages, BFF n me are extremely blessed.

Now u promise to think of something for me on MY wedding next year!

For special rates and promotions, simple quote "ELAINE73" when ordering online @ LOVEWRISTLET!


Thank u everyone for being so patient with me, I just came back from work today, BKK yesterday, and BFF's wedding is tomorrow..!
Its a full day and I have to get my dress, do my hair and makeup so hopefully everything will turn out great!

But like I've always said and Im going to say it again: The show must go on.

Love ya all~
Tags to be replied soon!
Off to pack for GATECRASHING tomorrow~ woooot wooooot exccitedddd max!


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