London Blues

Monday, November 08, 2010

I am finally back from LONDON...!!!!

Loved the cool weather there.. had such an amazing time with my sweetheart Cindee and Miss Sotong baby Audrey Lim Sotong..!

Moet for dinner.. Piper H for pyjamas party - 3 crazy girls laughing until wee hours of the night.
It was a very very amazing trip and I love them to bits.

Now off to meet BFF for dinner coz she has a looooong list of items for us to do for her wedding!
4 more days!

The countdown to BFF wedding starts right nowwwwww!

Back soon, then tomorrow I going Bangkok u noe?
Cheap buys await me!!!!

Love love.

I have so many catch-up blog posts to post!
And my lovely tags to reply... :)

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