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Friday, November 19, 2010

Leaving for home tomorrow instead.. so I have some time to write!

Have so many backlogged posts - its embarrassing.
Can u imagine I finally did up the pictures to BFF's hen night today.. while her wedding was last week?
Sweat dao~

But I was a wee bit apprehensive of posting the pics here, coz boy... was it RAUNCHY or was it raunchy!!
So if u are below the age of 18, please close the window.

I am so not going to be responsible for your nightmare later.


23 Oct 2010

Wore my Oriental Lace Top from GIPSY SCARLET.COM!(Click here!)
It was PERFECT for a night out at the club! Woooo hoooo~

Halter-neck and with lace detailing, it looks good in fuchsia for Chinese new year too!
Check the top out HERE.

The attendees aka masterminds.
We all told her the colour code is BRIGHT, then we secretly turned up in DARK colours!

Ah Ong came along coz she closet alcoholic!

Just post this for fun! ROFL!

We first must put veil and tiara for the pretty bride..

Dun pray pray hor.. this is an important task!

She must wear this the whole night!

Putting on her veil..
Think BFF dunno want to laugh or cry.

Thats not all we had up our sleeve...

Pics have been slightly altered, becoz this is a family-friendly blog!

We bought Mr D.I.C.K along....!!!!

I swear there was wolf whistles the moment we took the cake out of the box...
Note: I have no idea who tattoo man is, probably some bystander in awe of the present we got her!

Let the dare begin..

Drink up for courage first.

Note: This guy also we dunno who..
I think we grabbed him from somewhere to pose for the dare!

Dun look!

I laughed so hard I can pee in my pants!
And then some more..

Very cham this bride..

So the whole entourage followed the bride-to-be down to the dancefloor looking for unsuspecting victims!

After all the silly pranks and funny encounters (we had people shrieking at the sight of the cake.)
We decided to EAT the bloody thing...!

Acting cute is contagious.

Then we got creative with the 'hair'...
We ish tak glam dao~~~!

Dun scold me for putting this up.......!!!!
U still look pretty with nose hair.....!!!!!
*run away*

There were many many more R(A) pictures not to be seen by the general public so I guess I have to sorrowfully sign off here!
Kekekkke, hope u enjoyed the pics as much as I did re-counting the party.

Too bad the rest of the girls couldnt join us, (mother all cannot party already!) but we did had some crazy moments - so funny max I couldnt stop laughing.

Thank u dearies for the job well-done!
Note to self: Not inviting any one of these mad women to MY hen's night.. kidding!

Going off to bed~

I hope to be back soon!
Miss my friends and family~


Special Appreciation and with Thanks to GIPSY SCARLET.COM!(Click here!)

They have a new collection out and these are my favourite looks!

Readers can simply quote "GSXOELAINE" for 10% off all items, so hurry!
I loveeeee how u can tie the heart-printed shirt, such a VIVI look!


Take care all~
Going back in the morning..


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