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Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is terribly backdated..!
Its New York 2 weeks ago, and now Im back blogging from New York again.
This is home.

I miss my friends here, stella the baby dog, auntie uncle, cousin and wwwittle greedy niece already!
We went for dinner every night and its great fun.
But here's from last time.

Good morning, world!
Off to breakfast.

New York is 12 hours behind Singapore, so this is around 8am when its 8pm in Singaporeeee.

People ask me all the time, "do u get jetlag?"
But seriously I try to stay on local time everywhere although if I really get sleepy - I just go to SLEEP!
Some people deal it jetlag differently, so do what suits u best.

Jersey is calm.
I can see the habour slightly.

Can you?

The weather was between 16°-18° so it was really nice and cool.
I wore my long-forgotten military jacket with my torn jeans..!
Love changing looks, its something I dun normally wear.
(Ya coz I usually very act-cute one right!)

Best little thing to see in the morning!
Baby Stella!

I loveeee dogs.
She's so cute.

On the way to Pancakes.

Its about a 5min drive away.

During breakfast, we discussed what we were going to do the next day.. more on that later!

In the afternoon, I went Times Square to get some stuff with my girlfriend.
It was absolutely great fun..! Talking, eating, shopping with a gal pal rocks..!

It was lovely.
New York kinda gives u a buzz like no other, maybe its the busy traffic, the yellow cabs or just the people millling around.
Its a touristy place - But still, the best place to go when u are in Manhattan!

We got hungry after all that walking!
So we went to little korea on 32th to have some hot soup & kimchi.

Darling Sharon and me.

Lugged some of it back to Jersey.. fell asleep and taa-dah!

Day 2 came sooner than I wished it it would.
I wore my new earrings again! Totally hand-made, nobody in New York has the exact same thing as me. Love it!

The flower reminds me of Chanel's camellia symbol.. and coincidently, Sharon bought a pair of slippers with camellia flowers from Chanel the day before! :)

It blings in real life, courtesy of my sweetheart KAORI'S CREATIONS.BLOGSPOT.COM (Click here!)

I had such a hard time choosing between the earrings/bracelets/necklaces coz I love them all so much!

This is also awfully cute maxxxx.
I likeeeee flower flower one!

Wore a different look today.

And did my hair up.

Cam-whored alittle, LOL.

Went to Jason & Mimi's house to disturb Stella.

But dunno is we disturb her.. or she end up disturbing us more!

This picture is hilarious.. taken before Stella licked my camera lens!

Then act innocent.

That hand belongs to our friend, Santos! Hahahha I cant remember what he was telling her!
We met up to go Jersey Shore Premium for shopping!

We made Santos carry all our stuff..


Drove back home to put the shopping bags down.

Car boot full of discounted buys.

Very un-glam! We had to use trolleys meant for groceries.

Then we went to Woodbury after Santos left to go back to his parents place..

Didnt get much coz ultimately most factory outlets have almost the same stuff.
Kenneth Cole.

and not before long, we went for dinner!

All the walking and the cold weather makes us so hungry!

So big glass!

Have to get something hearty!

Applebees was fun!
It was Halloween then, so all the wait staff walked around in costumes - delighting the children and making the atmosphere lively.

Thank u all for dropping by, I have to end now coz Im going breakfast with Jason in 10 mins time!
LOL.. pancakes again?

Hmm... sounds like a plan!

Bye all~
Take care and have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

God bless.

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Happy Shopping everyone~
Off for breakfast and then back to Singapore tonight!

I want to eat char kway teow...

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