Christmas Gift Exchange..!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is Christmas already overrrr..???
Wow thats fast!
Been so busy with everything, work, friends, family, dinners, wrapping presents and all~

Now Im just excited to wait for Chinese New Year becoz its my favourite festive of them all!

I meet all my relatives and its great fun reuniting with cousins, or just spending time catching up with family.
And please dun let me get started on my absolute love of them all.. BAK KWA!

I can eat it everyday during CNY.. wake up in the morning already start to eat, afternoon also eat for teabreak.. then after dinner also can eat as a snack!

But first up.. my coffee session with my good friend last week!

Orchard was so expectedly crowded, so many people buying last min presents for Christmas then!

I loveeee my blue striped top from Amelie-Anne (CLICK HERE!)
I wore it with a black jacket and shorts.

We ended the gossip session with laughter and cake.

And after that I met my BFFs for a short quickie dinner in town!
They got me my belated birthday plus Christmas pressie!

I rarely get gifts on my birthday, coz Im usually out of town on holiday - so its very sweet when my closest and dearest remember to buy me a present even when I dun really bother celebrating it myself.

Thank u girls!
Sometimes we dun even have time to meet, but a short catchup is always welcomed..!

Carefully tearing the wrapping paper away..


(The lingerie that looks like a swimsuit...bleah~ LOL.)

And my small pressies for them from my overseas trips.
Masks, scrubs and lotion.. something every girl should indulge in!

Dinner was at Orchard Central Everything With Fries!
I love the self-service fast food concept, very white, cool & simple - as like all Awfully Chocolate branches - yet oozing a pretty upmarket feel.

Its very easy, u simply order, pay and grab a seat with a number.
The wait staff comes and hand u the food when its ready!

I had the Kid's meal! The burger soooo tweeny weeny small but cuteee!
Then we had a small small kid size exchange too..

It was a PINK mirror and a white cuff bracelet made out of seashell from Ah Ong! :)
Both in my favourite colourrrrr.

BFF Miko got the same thing but in black.

And then it was BFF's Miko present to me: Bliss Body Scrub!
Think she wan me to be smooth smooth.... :p


Becoz someone very busy... ho ho ho!

That was a small dinner party and I miss my other BFF & Godson very much.

Hope to see them soon!
Bye everyone~

Need to work tomorrow and then on holiday leave!

Its his birthday and I need to get him a present soon.. am thinking of getting a nice pair of headphones so waddya think?
I guess men will prefer gadgets to anything else...

Have a blessed weekend and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!



I love their easy-to-wear tops and dresses, perfect for lounging in cafes when meeting friends for coffee!

When u quote 'elaine73', u get $1 off immediately!
All prices include mail, so why wait?
Online shopping is hassel-free and comes right to ur doorstep.. I love it!


Here's a close-up full view of my lovely blue striped top!
I likeeee it very much still!

Happy holidays and happy shopping everyoneeee!!!!

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