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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Its barely acouple of days to the end of 2010 so I wanted to post this before it becomes 2011..!

Times flies and while Im both excited and glad to usher in the new year - I really think that 2010 had been a fantastic year.
Resolutions, anyone?

But I have never been one to keep to my resolutions so I dun bother making them in the very first place.
But every single day I tell myself to treasure my loved ones and try hard not to irritate them so much.
Life is too short already, and before we know it - maybe its too late before we start regretting actions that might have caused damage.

So live ur life to the fullest, and never say never.

"Your life is what your thoughts make it."
- Marcus Aurelius


We had church service on Christmas eve with the family so it was exciting!
Its the first time we are holding such an important event in the new church, so everyone was super hyped up.

I wore my new dress from JAYNELLES!(Click here!)
Its pink, with lace and is really niceeeeeeeee!!!!

I cant resist wearing my headband out.

On the way.
I also did a smoky eye makeup that day!

We got there early.

Singing their hearts out.

After the practise, everyone stands on stage for a group picture!
The youngest singer is barely 21 and the oldest, our ah gong who is 87!

These are fellow volunteers.
I think they play a very important part in church becoz they make church-goers feel very welcomed and they lead u to seats or help u with directions and answer most queries.

People behind the beautiful music each week.
The drummer is 14 only and he plays like an expert!

It wasnt before long before people started streaming into the hall.
Everyone was a good sport and wore the santa hats provided!

Including me!

It was a great service with loved ones, friends and we ended the night with so much food!
There was beehoon, fried wanton, kueh, desserts and even christmas cupcakes were given out to everyone!

And then suddenly... we heard loud laughter and when I turned to look - guess who I saw!

What would Christmas be without a Santa Claus?
Ho ho ho~ !

So, how did you spend your Christmas?

God bless, have a merry new year and happy holidays everyone!

Will be off to another holiday on the weekend, this time round we are going somewhere different from our usual resort places becoz I cant afford to be too tanned!
Bye all!

Have fun!

Special Thanks and Appreciation to JAYNELLES!
This dress arrived just in time for Christmas and it looked so sweet I had compliments all night long!

It comes in other colours so do go to JAYNELLES(Click here!) to check them out!
All readers can simply quote "HAPPYHOLS" for an amazing 20% off all regular priced items from NOW to midnight 31st Dec 2010..!!!

What a greeeeeat deal!
How I wish I can get this dress in all the colours available!


Take care pretty dearies!
Have a blessed 2011...!!!

Catch u all soon!


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