Crazy Christmas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hi everyoneee!!!
I have some time now, becoz I didnt really get anything done!
Although I unpacked alittle, steamed my face, did a whitening mask, squeezed my blackheads and got my broken nail done - it just doesnt feel like I got ANY thing done!

I went to Parkway (Hi Huili! It was me!:p) to try to get some shopping done, but when I saw the ever-increasing maddening crowd, I was just glad to go home!

Im meeting the girls in town later and Im pretty sure I'll cry in traffic.
But I miss them and I cant wait.

Weekend was Crazy Christmas with Jungle Boy!

Sometimes we go for concerts, plays and try to have a jolly good time, spending an hour or two alone is precious.

Was in an exceptional girly mood - so I wore my new Peter Pan Polkadottie dress from Clothes N People!(Click Here!)

Forced him to take a touristy picture for me in Bugis Junction!

Was so hungry... went for Thai Express!

Taken while waiting for my food...

I cannot go off without ordering my favourite Thai Mango with Glutinous Rice!
Making me hungry again...super yum max!

Before the play started.

Just for laughs!

How do I loooook????

Anyways, I have a ton of things to do, washing my clothes now - need to mop floor later and then shower n go town! (Dreads crowd...)

Can someone start a blogshop for personal shopping???
Click, choose, pay and get them delivered!

Thank God for internet.
My hassel-free dress Peter Pan Dottie Dress..!!

So at the moment you can click, choose, pay at Clothes&!
Hehehehe new dresses in for Christmas and New Year, delivery is prompt and they have a new promotion for all readers of elaine73!

Join their facebook account HERE! becoz every week CLOTHES&PEOPLE have this special giveaway/discount treat for Fb/Twitter
followers called AN-HOUR-A-WEEK (AHAW)!

For an hour every week (Random day and time), they will give out a code that shoppers can use within that hour.
These codes can range from percentage discounts to free registered mail to (listen to this..!)

Giveaways can be accessories like hair accessories / belts, vouchers to places like STRIP for discounted treatments.
Clothes&People usually will drop hints on AHAW days before the actual timing so you have to look out for them!
So cuteeee!

So remember to join their mailing list as subscribers will get first-hand updates including promos and giveaways!

What are you waiting for??
Shopping begins now...!

Website : Clothes& (Click here!)
Blog: Clothes&People.blogspot (Click here!)
Twitter: Twitter/clothesnpeople (Click here!)

"Tis the season to be jolly.. fa la la la la~"

Much love,
God bless.


Really must stop now need to go do housework mop floor hang clothes clean toilet..!

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