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Monday, December 13, 2010

Helloooooo world!
I know its been so, so long and I really wonder where all the time DID go!

Been running around for work, leisure and spending family time alot so thank you all for checking this space once in a while.
Sometimes I really wish for time to stop - allowing me to be alone and to do my own thing, run my errands and reply my emails all in one sitting.

Work has been busy, being the school holidays and all - and then its an frenzy whirlwind of family events where attendance was compulsory but it was lotsa fun in the end.

I went shopping that day for Christmas presents!

I also went for a fringe cut.
But cheapo me went to Daiso and got a pair of scissors to trim my own fringe! :p
I reckon I can try to DIY if I keep my hands steady..!

A week later, the family stayed at MBS for a couple of days! :)

My parents had a room too, so it was pretty fun chilling out admiring the view on the 47th floor.

The next day we were so busy!
I wore this in the morning.. a lovely frock also by Le'Jetaime (Click here!)

The details are amazing.
Can u believe they manufactured this? :)

And then at night, I wore a maxi dress by Zara to the gala dinner.

Came back exhausted, celebrated a secret surprise birthday cake cutting party for Jungle Mummy with peeps from the company and with my parents and flew to Seoul the very next morning!

--- KOREA ----

The very first thing we did...
BBQ-ing in Namdaemun!

I was sooooo hungry!
(And thirsty. :p)

I ordered so much, I think I scared the guys alittle.
But we finished everything! :D

And after all the eating.. we had to go SHOPPING!
This is my favourite korean makeup store...Etude House.

In the famous shopping district : Myeong-dong.

Yes.. becoz its PINK.
And fluffy looking.

And then.... it suddenly started to snow!
My first for the year! :):):)

We were so excited.. coz it was so fun!
(And wet.)

Everytime I see snow, I turn into a three year old.

I need to rush to the bank soon, go watsons for awhile (my favourite barang barang store!) and then come back and hopefully post some more!

Jungle Boy is not at home so yay.. I get the TV all to myself!
Sometimes its great being alone, although I love him to bits - I need to be myself sometimes.

Oh! And I bought a facial steamer from Watsons last week!
Its $19.90 and its great...! (And pink.)

I put on a scrub on clean skin, steam my face for around 5 mins while gently using circular motions with both hands.
Wash face and apply a moisturising facial mask for 10 mins.

And thats a quick and easy (and cheap) facial under 15 mins! :):)
And trust me, doing this on a regular basis will declog pores and soon u will have youthful, glowly skin!

Take care everyone, back laters.

--- Le'Jaime.Livejournal.com ---

With heartfelt appreciation to my lovely Le'Jetaime for their two beautiful pieces!

Their manufactured designs are exclusively theirs and the quality is assured with excellent workmanship!
The clothes are yet affordable and timeless with chic designs for those clothes bearing their own label.

Le'Jetaime uses hearts as their logo becoz the name of their shop represents their love for fashion!
Clothes with sizes are also represented by the number of hearts on the label
( 1 heart for S and 2 for M etc)

Le'Jetaime also sources clothes that can only be found exclusively for you!

Their current promotion is $3 off total purchase as long as you sign up to be on the mailing list for FIRST-TIME buyers!

So hurry becoz they have just launched their latest collection!

Omg.. I love the pink dress!!!
Its so perfect for wedding lunches and garden partiesssss with baby blue cupcakes!
And so I dream...

Check them out!
Stocks are so exclusive, they are limited so hurry!


Much love, back soon!


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