Presents, a Wedding and San Francisco!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hi guys!
Thanks for the tags...! Its lovely knowing how much support I have here.. especially on days when I am so lazy/busy/nothing to write.

Im in San Francisco at the moment, some 37684629 miles away from home and suddenly I have news that my new helper wants to go home (deja vu?!!).

I really have no idea whats going on with these people?

They come here to seek a better life, telling me stories of being poor, no money to study etc etc and then after calling home - pattern more than badminton.

If you need to build a house back home for ur parents, u bloody well need to work for it.

We all work, I do too so there is no reason why we should clear ur debts with the agent just becoz u have old injuries and cannot do labor work.

Im pretty sure they are just trying their luck with Jungle Boy becoz he really does have a heart of gold.
All these while I am away?

I am angry, frustrated and downright pissed, to say the least.
Sigh.. I dunno how to help them if they dun even help themselves.


Anyways, back on to happier things shall we?

I chose something sparkly, with a grey base and all I can hear is my manicurist going,"But its CNY! U should get something RED! Or blah blah blah.. RED! RED RED!"

All I can hear is RED.
Aiyo, really need to arh???

Met up with my part-time lover Pearly.. xoxo.

She brought me a belated birthday present.. and I got her Christmas gifts!

So we had brunch at Dempsey.

My order.

Our good friend was still sleeping at home while we ate.


Gift exchange time!

Can u guess what she got me?
(Wrapper says it all.)

Look at my expression!

I loveeeee Precious Moments!

Someone say "awwwwww..."

Pearly Li I miss u already!


Despite my heavy work schedule, I made it for my batchboy's wedding!
So happieee for him.

The wedding favours.

We were seated.

Its great seeing friends again on such a joyous occasions.
My dear old friend... Lala!

Soon, the bride and groom did their march-in.

And then,

The dishes arrived.

And I found this very yummy!
Although Im not usually a fan of sharks fin in wedding dinners, but this broth was unique.

Soon it was a change of clothes for the bride and the couple's second march-in.

After the thank you speech, the groom surprised the bride with a lovely jazz number!
She was sooo touched!
We could feel the love and immerse effort the groom put in.

Dishes came along as quickly as the time flew by.

Then the picture-taking started.

By us, I mean!

Its been so long!

Lala had to leave half-way coz she had another wedding to attend!
The Rabbit year is full of weddings~

Dun ask me why.

They are a match made in heaven!

Then the bride and groom came round for photo-taking and a quick drink.

I really want to laugh at this picture!

Wah lau I dunno why my friends all give the same look while taking picturesss!

Damn funny max I tell u.

After some coaxing...

What a way to end the fabulous night - wine, friends, food and cake!


Am in San Francisco now.

We queued for 45 mins for a table and its not even the weekend!

In America, they seat u down - take ur drink order, u wait for ur drinks to arrive and then they take ur meal order.
So we ended up talking and talking while my stomach growled with hunger!

But portions are huge and we ended up being so stuffed.

So we took take-out cheesecake coz we dun have space for dessert anymore!
Even the cakes here are XL.

Came back and lounged around in my new maxi dress from VonValentino!(Click here!)

This is ultra comfy and I love the vibrant colour!
Makes me happieeee :)

All readers here can quote ELAINE73 for a huge discount of 15% off all items!

VonValentino!(Click here!) has an amazing array of dresses perfect for casual meetups with friends to glamorous dinner parties!

This is really my favourite dress of them all!
Sooooo pretty right...!

So hurry and do ur CNY shopping online now!


Off to eat my tabao-ed cheesecake!

And then...
This is wat happens when u dun have a fridge!

My supper on the window!

Okie this is a reeeeally long post!
Leaving for hongkong soon and Im soooo happieee coz Jungle Boy is flying up to meet me for a short holiday!

We both have friends in Hongkong so we decided its good time to do some catchup and perhaps relax alittle before CNY comes!
Take care everyone, I'll reply tags below.

Much love,


hi hi hi: Hi babe! I have paid Picnik account where u can get all these fonts and cute icons, some are free but some nicer ones are only for members so I thought, why not? :)
I quit smoking overnight. It was just something I had wanted to do for a long time and then one day I just stopped.
And never picked up a cigarette again. :D
U can do it!

evil-lin: U are sweet too!!! Checking in even after so many years! Thank u babe I appreciate it.
Take care! See u soon here! :p
p.s Ya the top is nice hor! hahahhaa!

xue: Its been designed by the designer. U can tell ur I.D that u want a 'hidden' makeup drawer cum study table.
U can simply lift the mirror up when u do ur makeup and when u dun need it, u can close the lid and it becomes a table. :)

Yixuan: LOL! Its a busy year for weddings hor! Alot of my frends getting married too~

anon: Omg formspring?? Hahhah I have so many things already and I cant manage another account! I really cant! Haha! p.s none of my friends have formspring... oh god we are so old now~ those are for young happening bloggers! Not me lao auntie already u noe!

CN: I get my hair done at East coast Supercuts, Ivy Liu.

Jolene: Hahahhaahha! Maldives is GREAT!!!! I hope u are enjoying urself! Actually each resort has its own unique identity so it really doesnt matter where u choose to stay.
Hope u have fun! take care! talk to u soon dear! :D
p.s I wanted to cut my hair short for a new look but yeah i really ended up looking younger! so i guess its not a bad deal too ya! n all the money i save on shampoo ahahhah!

Angel: Oh my.. i really got them from taipei! :( Perhaps u can try takashimaya? They have lovely hairclips too. :D

irynmama: LOL! Ya so paiseh i forgot to post part II wor! But nothing much also leh! hahhaha boy meets girl, boy ask girl out something liddat lor!!! :p Kekekke!

fion: Thanks dearie!!

yradmirer: LOL! Hahhaa thank u dear! My hair tied up look very different from after cutting short hor!! Think this hairstyle really will make ppl look very young thats why!!! :p

chrissy: Oh my, I got them from taipei shilin night market wor!!! :(

ping: Thanks dear! My kiamp from taipei leh.. aiya so wasted I should have bought a box back I really didnt know Singapore dun have!!

angel: Thank u for the suggestion babe!! But if i put all the questions/comments then the post will be very very long leh!!!! How???

Okieeee bye all! My shoulder is killing me! Hope u enjoyed this post!
Take care and enjoy the weekend dear all~

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