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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello dearest all!
I hope u guys dun mind me kinda micro-blogging using blogpress previously ~

Sometimes it takes time with blogging proper, the pics n the collages, the uploading n transferring etc.
And with my work, sometimes internet is a luxury for me.

Anyways - shall I start right from the beginning of the month?

I was in Moscow for work.
Sans makeup besides eyelashes coz my skin was so dry!

It was a freezing -20degrees and we didnt step out of the hotel at all!
Luckily I had the most wonderful and hilarious colleagues with me - so we spent our days having extremely long breakfasts, followed by chilling out with our MacBooks.

Breakfast in Houston (our 2nd stop)

We laughed so much the waitress actually 'shhushhh!' us!!!
Guess we were too hyper for breakfast.. but then again - breakfast in Houston is dinner in Singapore!

Woke up way too early so had plenty of time to curl tong my hair.

Went to the mall...
and guess wat we heard from afar??

Dong.. dong.. cheng!

There was a lion dance performance in the mall becoz it was the CNY period!
My girlfriends were excited - we thought of home so much.

We hanged out every single day!
Laughing all the way.

Our total buys.
Dun look at me! I bought just oneeee item that day!

Christine & Janet (Disclaimer: Not their real names.. we all have nicknames!)

We were actually waiting for our table at Cheesecake Factory, a popular dining place in the USA where portions are huge and the cheesecake so divine, its to-die-for..!

That picture was kindly offered by an uncle (also waiting for table) coz he saw the number of pics we were taking!
Total cam-whore mode!

This vibrator-like thingy is kinda like a pager where the restaurant would beep u once ur table is ready!

A table and our food arrived to 4 extremely hungry girls..

Pretty Janet Jackson Strawberry Yogurt!
(Dun ask.)

Even though we were so bloody full from all the food - we couldnt resist ordering a cheesecake to end to night.

Then I went back to inspect my new toy..

Sold in Sephora, the Clarisonic system works like an electric toothbrush - using sonic waves to cleanse ur face.

My review?

-Avoid ur eyes, and only use once a day instead of the recommended 2x.
One cycle is 2 mins, and I use 30secs on my neck instead of the 2 whole mins on my face.
Unless u have extremely oily skin, do not use on one area for too long, as it might cause sensitive skin.
My cheeks (drier area) had some peeling after 3 days of usage.
Once I reduced frequency, it was back to normal.

Back to Moscow.

Lovely Italian dinner in the hotel!

My darling girls...!
Jennie Noodle House, Christine Godzilla Xiao Ding Dong, Janet Jackson Strawberry Yogurt and Me - Hello Kitty!
(Yes.. that was our nicknames for the whole 9 days...)

My delicious lamb with cream spinach.

The whole group - It was an extremely fun dinner!

In Russia, they give out vodka shots free after dinner!
People eat mints or drink coffee, they drink vodka!


This Jenni Noodle Shop very action-packed!

We are forcing her to drink!

Wahahahahah we are evil!
She doesnt want to drink it, but we kept urging her!

It was such an enjoyable time, I will really remember them and all the fun we had.

-- March 19 Godson Kayden 1st Birthday Party --

Time flies in a blink of an eye!
Can u imagine he is 1 year old already!

Really big boy now hor!

We are starting him young... by introducing not one, but two girls to him!

Matchmaking in process!

Giveaways at the Party!

My cutest darling Godson.

Sitting down to eat..

Making monkey faces and trying to grab my camera.

Matchmaking again!

Soon it was time to cut cake!

Happy family!

Blowing out the big 1 year old candle!
"Mummy, Im a BIG bOY now u noe!"

Birthday boy was so busy on that day.. and we two Godma-s were also busy...

Disturbing this cuteeeee (Joven, 5 years old! He tell us one!) little boy!
Children are really gifts from heaven, angels sent down by Him.

The following week, I wanted to take a walk along Tanjong Pagar to look at some bridal salons so what a better time but to go to the LoveMi's office at Keong Siak?

I was dress-shopping!
Nice? I bought it in both colours coz I loved it so much!

*Unfortunately, all 'So In Love' dresses have been sold out at time of posting - but LoveMi Shop does weekly launches so do take a look!*

My good friend cum owner...!
We are lunch kakis and have many similar tastes!
U cant imagine how we slacked in the office all while talking and talking!

B, its great fun hanging out with u and Im forever thankful to have made such a pretty nice friend.

My new dresses all in a LoveMi bag!

Hopefully u guys will find something that u like too!
LoveMi is at (Click here!)

A couple of days later...
Something really sweet came in the mail.

Omg I was so excited!

Casa Di Accessori (Click Here!) is an accessory blogshop that imports all their jewellery from Korea!

I love how elegant this piece looks in real life - never mind that its Chanel inspired.

Its made of fabulous quality pearls - and a cute trinket rose in the middle.
Im excited to wear it with my dresses!

Prices are kept low, so its affordable for everyone and they have a huge selection of earrings to match all ur pretty frocks!

I am really pleased with my choice.. wats urs?

Casa Di Accessori
Casa Di Accessori
Casa Di Accessori

Readers can quote 'Elaine73' in their orders to get FREE POSTAGE!
Stocks are limited so hurry!

I love my new bracelet!
So pretty.. :D

Princess-y... I loveeeee!

*Edited to add: At time of posting Casa Di Accessori has changed their url to
All necessary changes have been made to the links above. Thank You!*

Weekends.. are spent with besties!

We ordered our favourite potato salad!

While waiting to meet our photographer...

Everyone is telling me to keep my hair long for the wedding!

Im not going into details yet (coz nothing has been finalized!) but currently we are looking at going to Malacca for photoshoots.

Im Peranankan, so its something Im doing for my parents.
Will be wearing a traditional Sarong Kebaya instead of a kwa - coz I wanna keep something close to my heart in the midst of everything.

Desserts after a long discussion and a walk to see kebayas!

Off next week to look at modern wedding dresses - but not before going New York on Wednesday!
I miss the city, my friends and family there so I guess I'll be nothing but busy!

Miss u all already, catch u guys soon.


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