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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last month I had a work trip to HongKong and Jungle Boy flew up to meet me there.
It was awfully short, never enough - but we made full use of the time and went round the small city!
I love HongKong, its a bustling town that never sleeps.

We went to meet my old classmates!
I miss them so much, its like a mini gossip cum makan session everytime I fly over to HongKong!

On the way..

It was expectedly crowded.

My HK classmates..!Mandy and Florence (along with their boyfriends - coz I brought Jungle Boy along too this time! Hee!)

We went to a cha chan teng and had the most awesome toasted bun!
I miss my milk tea already.. (and the girls too!)

Soon it was time to head off and sweetest Mandy's boyfriend drove us to Lan Kwai Fong to get something really special...


Well-known in Hong Kong for their roasted goose, I absolutely adore the century eggs there!
We bought so many boxes - the cashier even laughed at us.

We stay in Tsim Sha Tsui, so we decided to take the ferry!
Yes...! With all the eggs in boxes!

It was really fun ~~!
Cheap like mad too, at about S$1 per trip across the habour!

I cannot describe how much I love looking at this retro form of transport.

It gives me a rather amazing nostalgic feel, and although Im not from that era - I have a very old soul, and I love everything from the past.

Sometimes I catch myself watching old HK black and white movies just to admire the fashion.

Walking to shore.

Hello, Kowloon!

And the pier looks grand, even at night.

Going back to our hotel to put all the century eggs down!

Not before..

Cant resist taking typical sights of HongKong.

And medical shops with plenty of herbs and tonics for sale.

Gold used for 'si dian jing' (chinese weddings)

My greatest love love love..!
Roadside stallsssss!!!
So many people.. at anytime of the day.

We put our things down and went to Lei Yu Mun!

This is the place to get the freshest seafood.


I saw so many tanks of sea creatures..!

It was mind-boggling..

It was the biggest oyster I've seen!

Lei Yu Mun works like this - U choose ur seafood, tell them how u want it to be cooked and then sit and wait for ur meal.

There are no menus, no price tags and alot of haggling and touting.
But be smart, be wary and most of the hawkers are pretty harmless.

We had a great meal!

After walking around Lei Yu Mun, we took a taxi and went night market shopping!

Women's Street.

It was so busy!

And nearly at 10pm... what better time to have something sweet?

I seriously will kill for this.

Tell me, will u?

The night ended on the sweetest note - with my favourite desert in my tummy, and my favourite guy holding my hand.

Goodnight, world!

I'll see u in my dreams again, tonight.

Take care peeps, off to bed!
Tomorrow I have lunch with friends, and then its Godson Kayden 1st birthday bash!
Im excited... so have a great weekend, back real soon.


p.s Back with updates on my church's 1st birthday celebration! And also a new blogshop soon..!
Start shopping with all ur ang pow money, babes! :):):)

Love y'all.
Peace out.

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