Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hello dear all!!!

Im really typing like a tortoise right now becoz I have totally no idea how to work on a MACBOOK instead of my good ol' Windows!!!

Gone is my software Photoscape.. so Im feeling a sense of lost -
Im such a dinosaur; I dun even have an iphone so its quite a new thing for me.
Although I have an ipad, its quite different leh!!!

I really might just go back to blogging on my old laptop just to work on Photoscape!


I REALLY came back to Photoscape coz I miss it sooooo much!
Yesterday I went for a movie at Vivocity so we dropped by the Apple store to check out Aperture 3 (An Apple version for Photoshop and guess how much it was...? Bloody $279..!!!)

And I dun even use Photoshop to begin with..
I just need a software to collage my pics/put my watermark/crop it alittle so it wouldnt be so gggggenormous when I upload it online!

So here I am, after all the fiddling with my Macbook - Im back with my trusty Windows.


-JAN 29th-FEB 3rd Los Angeles -

We rented a car/bus/lorry to go makan and shopping!

Started off bright and early, so we went for breakfast first at our regular Denny's.

I love breakfast usually, but I bery much prefer Ya Kun or Kiliney's anytime!
So I skipped the usual American breakfast of sunny side up n bacon coz I was craving for something else....

The guys looked at me like I went bonkers or something.

And the second thing they will ask is.. "Where do all that food go???"
I might be short.. but I sure can eat alot!!

It was a busy time at the restaurant.

It was raining so I didnt want to take my camera out incase it got wet so I didnt take any pics until we got to dinner!!!

It was a loooong day shopping! :D

I was sooo sad losing my ee-yore in San Fransisco, so I got a Piglet this time.
And Piglet is PINK!!!
Pink is love.

Lovely Japanese pasta dish at CurryHouse.

Went back and looked at my Dermalogica!
Slightly cheaper in the States and the place I went was offering buy 2 get 1 free deal!

-- The Next Day --

Wanna see what a difference my lashes make??
I hope it doesnt scare u! :p


Blow dry my hair and tong the ends before I go out.

Off to the same place for breakfast with my good friend Charmaine!!!

Then the headache again...

We are spoilt for choice!

I had steak and fries...! Yummy max!

Then Charmaine and me spent the day in the bookshop, looking at magazines and walking to Target.
It was great fun spending time with a friend in a foreign land.

Dinner was arranged by my colleagues at a chinese restaurant.

It was actually a secret birthday celebration...

Birthday girl was so surprised...!

And her husband who had no idea what was going on, was equally surprised to see that we even went to buy a cake too!
So he promptly bought us dinner coz he was so glad to see his wife happy.


It was a fun and fulfilling dinner!

I went back, and dozed off with Piglet.

-- Back to Singapore, CNY 1st DAY --

I slept for only 3 hours before taking a shower and rushing to go out bai nian...!

A special home-made agar agar from my secondary school friend's mummy!!!

And this new year we bought a coffee machine (finally!).. yeah!

I went my cousin's place and before I know it, the table was cleared of all CNY goodies and the real show started..!

My relatives play 1 dollar, 2 dollar for fun only!

But they look so serious, hor!

I got nothing to do.. so..

-- DAY 2 --

Went to my cousin's place with my mummy to eat her home-made carrot cake!
Looks precious!

She is a mother of two but thinner than me!

And I totally appreciate the effort put in from baking the cake from scratch!
I would love to learn how to bake once I have some time on my hands.

Little nephew Nat.

The ladies in da house!!!
Girlxxx power!

My beloved mummy and my cousin and niece.

With lotsa love and hugs to my personal friend and owner of LOVEMi (Click here!), I had compliments on my nude dress the whole day!

I love how the colour turned out on my tanned skin!
It was absolutely stunning but I really think my friend looks sooo much better in the dress coz she has a figure to die for...!!!!

I think I can wear it again for my Valentine Day dinner coz it does look pretty sexy, actually!!!

After all that home-made cake, I went home for a small home-made dinner.
Life's great.

Its amazing that no matter what happens, the sun rise and shine every single day - without fail.

Have a blast, everyone.
Happy New Year.

Good health & happiness, dear friends.


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And to all my dearest readers.. Have a blessed year!
I'm going to work later and will be back on the last day of CNY! Catch u guys online, xoxo.

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