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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hello dear all!
How is ur start to the weekend? I do hope its coming along GREAT...!

Today was my meeting with the church wedding florist (Thanks J & S!) and Im soooo elated that it went really well!
Im so excited at the rate that things are coming along... hopefully everything will be smooth.

Im not looking at a 'perfect' wedding, I know its impossible.
So Im just crossing my fingers and going along with the flow.
Wish me luck k, guys?

Take care.
Stay well.


Sooooo hungry now, going to grab something to munch on!


ping: It was the Prada butterfly sunglasses, popular ard 2 yrs back? Now dunno whether still on sale in the boutique? But I bought those in Milan then. :) Its nice n big n it hides my face when I have zero makeup on!!!

cindy: Cindy, model number is EH1575! Hope this helps! :)

Alice: Haha! Sorry wor, but if I do that - sometimes the post will be really very very long!!!! Kekeke! :p

meme: Hello dear!!! Hope u r recovering well!!!! Dun worry ok, it takes at least 3-4 mths for it to 'settle' down. Try not to drink too much water before bedtime, n dun eat seafood when u take the sitches out. Try to sleep on a higher pillow so u dun get so much water retention when u wake up.
N no makeup! Before the sitches totally heal... :)

June: That was when I had long hair! Now never go le, I do my curls DIY. But that salon is in Lucky Plaza, level 2 if Im not wrong - facing the side of Rabbit Brand restaurant. Abit old school one the salon, black n white decor.

janekoh: Yes!! Same day with church wedding. :)

curious: Thank u! I use a S95 myself, but if u are referring to the Chiangmai pics, they are taken by my bf who uses a Nikon D3S. :D

hihi: Oh my god thats my oldest top from BYSI! It is around 5 yrs old (Im not kidding!) :p

Thank u all once again!
U guys ROCK.

Back soon!

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