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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hello girls!
Hows the week coming along? Time flies! N I heard that there was a disruption on SMRT?
Hopefully u guys made it to the office!

- Last Night in ChiangMai -

We took a stroll to the 'rice field' and had a small private dinner at the resort's restaurant.

I love the rustic, woody feel of the place.

Being very close to nature - I could hear toads croaking in perfect harmony.
We even saw one hopping pass us when we were eating!


Back to our villa.

The next morning...

We went for breakfast before checking out.


Then we left for... BANGKOK!
We took a domestic flight on ThaiAirways and in no time, we got to Suvarbabhumi Airport!

We stayed at the Westin.

Its nice and cosy - perfect for a night's stay in the city.

We went for lunch straighaway!

We love having cheap local food!

Off to the bookshop.


I also loveeee getting cheap hair washes!

Their skills are amazing...

Before we knew it, night falls and its time for DINNER!

Hawkers on the roads, cheap birdnest and plenty of sharks fin restaurants everywhere.

Can u guess where?
Chinatown, of coz!

My face says it all!

Bird's nest to end the dinner.. yums!

Walking along the streets of Chinatown.

Everytime I come back to Chinatown, its exactly the same as it was.
Unlike us - the countless new developments going on concurrently makes me wonder : when will it ever stop?

Not Chinatown here, I could come back 10 years later and I believe it will look status quo!
Perhaps I like some things unchanged better, hence the decision of going to Malacca for my pre-wedding shots becoz I am so in love with the old heritage buildings there.

And what is a night in BKK without going to Patpong?

And then we ended the night sitting at the hotel lounge, listening to the jazz singers and their rendition's of Rihanna's Umbrella.

It was lovely.
Goodbye everyone!

Im off to work later.
Back real soon.

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