Part II of Chiangmai

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hello dear all!!!
Thank u for tags n comments - I will answer them at the bottom of this post.

Oooooh ~ the place is called VERANDA RESORT in Chiangmai!
They have one in Hua Hin too, so its a good choice if u have been to Chiangmai already.

This is part II of what we did during the holiday.
We went walk walk after settling down in the room.

Lovely cooling weather coz the resort is up in the hills.
These are some other terrace resorts available in Veranda - ours is called the Plunge Pool Villa.

Can u guess what this is??
Its actually part of the modern Thai restaurant in the resort : a private room for couples to dine in! U can choose to eat there, its totally relaxing and the staff sends the food up!

Overlooking the reception.

U noe its a holiday coz u get to slack in shorts & a t-shirt.

The resort provides a shuttle to the Night Market twice every day.
While waiting - we enjoyed the view of the sun going down.

Soon.. we got there!
Rows n rows of merchandise.

Chiangmai has many small bazaars that u can visit, its like a long pasar malam joining together.

AFter all the walking, Jungle Boy got tired (holding his tua leng kong camera I presume) and so we decided to sit down for some local Thai food!

Tom yum soup.

My fav oyster omelette!!
Best.. with alot alot of chili!!!

And to top off the night, a lovely chilled glass of local beer.

Continue the walk in the bazaar.

He is amazingly talented!

And wat is a trip to Thailand without some dessert?
My absoluteeee favourite!
Only 50baht...!

--- DAY 2 ---

We woke up bright and early for breakfast.

Buffet style.

Simple fare in the morning.

We chose a seat overlooking the pool.

After breakfast, we booked an appointment with the spa and then went back to the room to chill.

We watched Star World (Junior Masterchef is.. amazing!) and drank some chilled bubbly.
It is a vacation, afterall.

His penchant for burgers says it all.

And I can never lose weight!

But this is still love!


"An alcoholic is someone you don't like who drinks as much as you do."
- Dylan Thomas

And whats a holiday without some sun?

Couldnt resist.

Happy days are made of these.

But soon, the spa beckons.


We chose the couple room.

The outside of the spa.

And we went up to the pool again.

Lazing by the pool, not wanting to go back to reality.

The breathtaking view of the resort with the mountains behind.

And at my utmost reluctance, the sun went down before I know it - signaling the end of a wonderful day with one of the most important person in my life.
My future husband.

The beginning of April marks 6 months exactly to saying, "I do".

Thank you for reading, I appreciate it all.



Evil-Lin: U must quit ok!!! Smoking is really a pretty disgusting habit, come to think of it.
The smell, the taste of tar, and darkened teeth. I cant ever fathom why I picked it up in the first place previously. :(

Polar: Thanks dear! I use the Panasonic Ionity. Its veryyyy good! N quite affordable. I bought in Best Denki.

meme: Update me on ur surgery babe! Im dying to know how it went! :)

hair woes: I do my own treatment when I have the chance. Put on hair mask on washed hair, put on shower cap and blast with hair dryer to mimic the 'steamer' in salons.

arissaa: Yes, but its not my place.

Angel: Hi dear! Hmmm I contemplated on that but decided against it coz I find it too private to do so.
N also its ultimately my in-law's place (we staying together even after marriage) so I have to respect their privacy too.

Evil-Lin: Outside my house! But my manicurist is from china and she gng back le.. :( Sob!

ping: Hahaha next time I go I should buy one big box back n sell!!!!

kylie: Hahhaa no wor.. my natural hair! I just blow dry n tong. But I never rebond before.

polarie: I really miss u too!!!! Drop by again ya!!! xoxo

joey: I will.. soon! :p

Mich: Yes its NICE! But abit too corporate for me, although I do like it very much.

Spec: First u must buy the tong.... :p Panasonic Ionity!

shanie: Dear I got it from HongKong! Unknown store somewhere... :(

JL: This yr!!! :)

gina: Blogged le! U can do a search ya. ;)

Vv: I bought it from a beauty store in the factory outlet in LA, but u can get it in some hair/beauty salons in malls. :)

Hambb: OMG where do I start?? Go lake como for scenery, n vernice if u can.
Duomo for shopping but dun eat there, v expensive! Drink coffee anywhere, and always end ur meal with tiramisu! tats all! :D

Flo: Congrats dear! Im happy for u! I will take my pre-wed pics in July, and gng Malacca for it.
My bestie n her husband gng too, she itchy backside wan to take it again!!! :p

Ping: Yes! Blowdry and tong... everyday! :p

gwen: My brow pencil is a dark brown so its not so harsh! Regardless wat colour ur hair is, u must always use a brow pencil 2 shades darker but not black as it will make u look too fierce! LOL!
My hair is a dark ash colour. :)

ping: hahhaha! I love cheesecake too!

missy: Thanks babe! Heheheh!

Spec: I dun have flyaways hair becoz my hair is very coarse n heavy. But I use a serum on/off n its the redken one. Potato salad from a cafe in Parkway Parade! I cant rem the name le! But its next to Blum, and also next to Nike.

esther: Ya lo! I must be myself even if it means short hair hor!

kate: xie xie ni! I wan to blog more but sometimes so busy.. or nothing interesting :p
I cut my hair at east coast supercuts, ivy liu. My brows I do myself!

shanie: yes dear just mention my name elaine73 in ur order! :) Thanks for supporting!

hophop: Auntie salon is hair treatment (once in awhile) or wash & blow! My haircut is east coast supercuts, ivy liu.

ezrabelle: Thanks babe! But may I ask if u dun spam my tagbox with ur blogshop, it is not fair for my featured shops. Thanks!

bubblegum: Thanks dear! It was great!!!

esther: Hehe.. hows blogpost! :p

Laura: Sorry I cant help.. i never go before... :(:(

eye: No wor! I just go to the ones in parkway.. they have alot!

keira: Thanks dear! Its a Chopard. :)

anon: Do u like my new blogskin??? :D:D

Green: Thanks dear S! <3

reader: Hi! I do it at east coast supercuts, Ivy Liu.

midori: I got it from a beauty shop in the LA factory outlet!

yixuan: Thanks dear!!! Hows ur wedding prep coming along??

denzy: Thanks for the highlight! Yes its on purpose. :p

citrella: Yes! Everyday!!! Blowdry n tong.. :) I dun dare cut like Miko, although I love her style!! N thank u.. my blogskin was so old! Had to change! :)

aadel: Hi dear! Thanks!! *grin* Its called Veranda Resort. I think jungle boy took really good pics too! Anyways, every holiday is an exploration meant to be shared! :D

joey: Thank u dear!!!

lyn: Yes thank u alot babe!!

roxie: Its the Veranda Resort!! :D Hee!

ping: Thank u heaps sweets!!!

jolie: Can i tell u a secret.. hehehe all the resorts is sourced by jungle boy.. I have no idea of the destinations n rates!
We have a small game every holiday - i tell him 'resort or city' n he plans the rest!
N he doesnt tell me until a day before so I can pack accordingly. Yes.. he is romantic in that sense.
But only that sense ah! :p

sunflower: Oh my... i miss munich!
U can buy major brands - it is so much cheaper n easier to claim tax too.
Everything! LV, Miu miu, longchamp, hermes, chanel.. EVERYTHING!
N I had fabulous service in hermes, horrid one in LV thou. Pls bring yr passport when u buy!!!

Ezrabelle: Ok thanks!

Bye everyone....!
Its 3am here, and I cant sleep coz I slept too much in the day.

Going back home to see wedding designer, and the flower arrangements for church and the house.
Hopefully everything goes smoothly so wish me luck dear peeps!

Take care, stay well.

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