Spending the Weekends.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello everyone!
TGIF! I loveeee spending the weekends back in Singapore.

There are so many errands to run and people to meet. Then there is my family - as obnoxious and noisy as they are : I love them to bits and can never wait to go for never-ending dinners and endless phonecalls with my long-winded mother.
Its amazing how she calls to tell me something but inevitably end up talking about something else.

Just like how I would become.. some 20 years later.

Back to the final and last part of Bangkok... the shopping!
Oh my god.. I cant wait to go back there again.

And this is only room service.

We love getting room service whenever we go on a holiday.
Maybe its the whole 'eating-in-bed' kinda luxury that we dun normally get at home - either that, or we are just two very lazy people who like to eat supper.

And the next day, we went for some brunch once we woke up!

And I saw a hugeeee instant cup noodle!

In tom yum, no less!

Then the shopping begins...

Soon it was time to go home.

But once a shopaholic, always a shopaholic.


Weekends with the boyfriend is blissful.

One of the best kept secrets in Italian dining locally.

It is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday.

Special Thank You to IsolaParadise.com for the lovely top!
Its so unique, I couldnt resit wearing it out!

Lightweight and breezy, I can pair it with shorts for a simple look - or with my straight pants for a more formal look.
IsolaParadise.com is offering FREE NORMAL POSTAGE for all readers here so do remember to quote 'elaine73' when u order!

And if u join their mailing list, all readers get FREE REGISTERED MAIL on their first order!
So take a look at IsolaParadise.com now girls!

Take care.
Have a blast, everyone!



Florence: Thank u dear! When r u re-taking ur shoots? N why? U didnt like it the first time round? Who is taking for u this time? :)

cindy: My curler is very good! I like it very much! The barrel is large enough for natural curls and the heat is hot enough to give long-lasting ones, esp in our humid weather.

wind: Thank u dear! But beauty always lie in the eyes of the beholder, so one person's cup of tea might not be another's cup of tea!
:p I just wish to be happy, beauty doesnt last. :)
But thank u! U r very kind. :P

jilian: yes it is! Its the panasonic ionity! Its great! I got mine from Best Denki.

tiffi: Hahahaha! But Im pure chinese.. (who just happens NOT to look like a chinese.. sigh!)
And Jungle boy doesnt really like being in pictures.. he just likes taking them. :)

polarie: hahahhaha sorry ok! Sometimes I have no time to reply tags but now I am trying my best to reply it asap!!! So keep tagging! I missed u!
:):) *hugs*

Take care all!
Back soon.

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