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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello dear all!
Im currently in Los Angeles at the moment and its 3am here!
I dun think Im jetlagged - I think insomnia is the culprit. Must be all the green tea that I was drinking!
And tomorrow I need to go to the mall! Pray I can wake up in time for the shuttle bus.

But first...

Elaine73's Makeup & Hair Tutorial May 2011

Special Thanks to IsolaParadise for my cutesy pink top! I chose to wear something fun and I love how pretty the top looks!
More on that later.

Here's a short and quick daily makeup look that I normally go for.
I dun usually wear any eyeshadow, and sometimes if I am in a hurry - I skip foundation and eyebrow pencil.

However, in this tutorial : I am covering the most basic steps.

I am disturbed when people tell me they do not put moisturiser becoz they have oily skin/humid weather/plain lazy.
I think this is one of the most extravagant items u should have becoz a good moisturiser can really improve skin textures and set an excellent base for makeup.

Not only does a good moisturiser help, regular masking does wonders to the skin.
I use masks from Taiwan (Beauty Diary, Watson Bird Nest Mask etc) every other day becoz my skin gets dry in winter.

All the makeup in the world will never help if u have bad skin to begin with.

As u can see, I struggle with eyebags and dark eye circles just like anyone.
I have slight pigmentation from all the wakeboarding I used to do, and since I am going to be 30 soon - I reckon I better step up my whitening regime before I turn into Miss Freckles Raggedy Ann.

My regular stash.

1. SKII Treatment Essence
2. La Mer Radiant Infusion
3. La Mer Eye Balm Intense
4. La Mer Moisturizing GEL Cream

I have both the Creme de cream and Gel version becoz I alternate them in summer and winter months.
(Due to work.)

U can find them in T3 and T2 DFS, CK Tangs and Robinsons.

Makeup Step 1: Concealor.
I use Cle De Peau in Ocre or MAC concealor in NW20.

Step 2: Foundation.
I alternate between afew foundations depending on the weather,skin condition,watever I can grab.

Using my fingers, I use - Cle De Peau Teint Naturel Crème , Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 01, Relvon ColourStay.

Taking a cue from Kim Kardashian, I prefer a lighter undereye and I spread concealor all the way to the upper cheeks. I also blend foundation to my neck becoz one mistake most girls make is only to use foundation on the face and this create a 'two-tone' effect from neck down.

If u have really bad dark eye circles, u might want to add another layer of concealor after ur foundation.

Step 3: Powder
I loveeee my ZA 2-way compact foundation so much that I think most of my close girlfriends would agree with me!
It is reasonably priced, has a whitening glow and is not cakey.
I use #32, or MAC NC 30.

Alternatively, I like to use Laura Mercier Loose Powder or Anna Sui Loose Powder (with shimmer).

Please pat the powder into skin and do not rub. Concentrate on nose n undereye for a 'matte' effect, or lightly dust powder if u prefer a 'natural' look.
U can also use a huge face brush for a light, luminous effect. This method is good for girls with relatively good skin.
If u have great skin, feel free to even skip foundation.

Step 4: Blusher.
I love my NARS blusher. I have so many but my favourites are Orgasm and Super Orgasm.
If I am going for a 'beach' look, I use my MAC blush in Peaches. Like its name, it is an peachy tone - perfect for a holiday look.

Step 5: Eyebrows & Eyeliner
I have regular eye threading sessions becoz I love how my brows look after that! Inbetween sessions, I pluck stray hairs or have it done during facial.

I like drawing my brows - but if u have a fringe (like me) and u are running out of time, its not a priority!
Unless u have no brows - then please dun scare the children ah!

That is my cheap 200yen Shiseido eyebrow pencil in Brown.
I stock up whenever I go Japan and it lasts forever! Other than this, Shu Uemura has great eyebrow pencils - and the girls there throw in a lesson or two whenever they have a chance.

After drawing my brows, I also normally do a thin layer of eyeliner (black or brown usually) before I use any fake lashes.
I prefer a liquid liner but that - admittedly, needs some regular practice.
If not, U can always use a pencil liner. Watson's has so many kinds, and at a fabulous price!

Step 6: Fake Eyelashes

My favourite part of my makeup!
I love my lashes, I am a lash addict. It totally changes how I look! (U will witness it later)
And without it, I just look like another person.

I dun have any particular choice, I always think its a personal preference.
Some prefer a natural look, some go for dramaqueen lashes. (me!!!)

Measure against eyes before cutting the ends.
Im currently using Dollywink Eyelash Glue, but any glue from stores like Sasa suits me fine too.
Black or Clear, doesnt really matter as long as u are comfortable in it.

U can blow on the lashes and make sure its 'tacky' or semi-dry before u attempt to put it on.
Use a tweezer for precision and stick the lashes near to ur lashline.

Draw alittle liner over for definition, and add a layer of gloss when u are done!
I love all kinds of gloss, but Juicy Tube is an old favourite.
NARS has pretty colours too, and MoonLight (Glitter Gloss), Turkish Delight (Pink) are my regular ones.

If I use lipstick, my ultimate love is MAC's Cherish.
Its a nude lippie that u can use abit of clear gloss over - and it will look great!


After doing my makeup, I start on my hair.

I have naturally straight hair but I like my hair with abit of curl.
Having said that, I dun think perms are suitable for me.
(Tried it once in Korea but didnt like it at all!)

Not only that, many people think that perms are the easy way out - but actually u have to constantly condition ur hair (It will be rather dry) and set it by blowdrying with appropriate tools to achieve the effects seen in magazines.

Not only that, with straight hair - I have the option to either curl it or leave it straight!
(Great for sleek styles where I pin my fringe up and leave the rest of my hair poker straight)

Step 1: Fringe
Curl heated tong around fringe for about 10 secs.

Step 2: Section Hair into 4 parts.
Starting from the side of the face, curl IN for 20 secs.

There's no right or wrong, but I go for a slightly curled look.... Like this

Continue curling the rest of the sections.

This is when half a head is done.
Can u see the difference?

Carry on and curl section 3 & 4.

Im using the Panasonic Ionity Eh1575 which I got from Best Denki.
I love the width of the barrel (huge!) and it has an incorporated steam function which provides moisture to my hair while curling.
Not only that, this seem to be the only curler which holds my curls on hot humid days in Singapore.

Im trying to grow my hair long for the wedding so Im resisting every urge to cut it!
Esp in this incredible hot weather!

I really hope u enjoyed this tutorial!
This was done over two nights and its actually nighttime again here in L.A!
Watching 50 First Dates and its such a sweet sweet story! :)

Take care everyone!
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p.s Hope I didnt scare anyone with my makeup-free pics in the beginning of the post!

Special Thanks to IsolaParadise for my sweet cupcake top!
The colours remind me of cupcakes and ribbons and blue skies.

Their 2nd collection "Dress to Charm" is up so remember to quote 'elaine73' to get FREE NORMAL POSTAGE!

If u join their mailing list, you get FREE REGISTERED MAIL for all first-time buyers!
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pompom: Hahahhaah hmmmm he is a very private person and he absolutely hates taking pictures! Im the vain one! Always posing for camera! :p
But I *think* I will pose some of my pre-wedding pics la... if not everybody here dun friend me! kekekeke!

ting lin: Hahhaa no wor! I bought a small small one.. for 10baht!!! :p

Florence: Thank u sweets!! My photo dates are not confirmed yet, looking at end July to early August. Pls pls pray for me hor! :)
And aiyo why u never call out to me ah!!!! hahhahaa so paiseh leh... to see me in uniform!
Very weird looking hor! :p
And thank u again! Im not pretty.. just very vain n always makeup if not look like auntie without makeup! :(

Teh Lai Ba Lai Ba: Ho ho ho! Ur nickname soooo cute!!!!
Actually my makeup very normal - nothing special! But I like earthy colours n peachy tones.. with thick lashes n nude lip!
Thank u for the wishes! I hope I will have a happy marriage! N of coz to everyone too ok! :D

mel: Its the SuperCamera app! Free one somemore! :p

Vitz: Thanks dear! Hope u like the tutorial!!!

Ezrabelle: Thanks dear!

Ok back to my 50 First Dates... and dreaming.. of him.

Bye all!
Have a great week ahead!

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