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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello everyone!
I've been rather busy lately - with work n all but rest assured, I'll be replying emails & tags soon!

Do you wanna see what I bought for my foundation case from my holiday?

Its just a cheap sticker that I got in the market of Ben Thahn, Ho Chi Minh!
But I think u can get it anywhere locally - like pasar malams or something.

And I wore my new sunshine dress!

Its a striking colour - perfect for summer!
Manufactured lovingly by Amelie-Anne, this easy-to-wear work or play dress brings u from the office to the movies!

I really loved the dress in Dusty Green too!
But yellow makes me HAPPY!

Inspired by 3.1 Philip Lim, the Front-Tiered Dress is so stylish and chic.

My fringe is sooo long now..
Am itching to chop all my hair all off coz its soooo bloody hot!
But everyone is telling me to keep it long for wedding..

All readers here can simply quote 'Elaine73' for a 5% discount off all collections at Amelie-Anne!Hurry becoz all colours of the Front-Tiered Dress are going fast!

Do join them in Facebook here and right now, Im following them on Twitter too!


Which is ur favourite colour?

Besides the Front-Tiered Dress, Amelie-Anne has just came out with another self-labelled dress called the The City Chic!

Its great for lazy weekends when u are too lazy to think of what to wear!
I loveeee the Beige/Blush Pink for its simple and demure look!

Take care everyone!
I'll be back soon.

Preview of whats up next!
Ho Chi Minh - Land of Beef Noodles!

p.s Congratulations to my old friend Miss Poisonlady on her wedding!
Its been 8,9 years since we first knew each other in a pink forum - from our Fp gatherings to the trips to Devil's Bar which was so funny with all the drink shots & bar-top dancing!

Now its weddings, houses and babies. Time flies!
I wish her and Mr Ng all the best - everylasting love & happiness forever and I hope to hear good news real soon!

Jia you poi poi!
Love always to everyone here too.

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