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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hello everybody!
It seems like the week just started, but tomorrow's Thursday already...!
Earlier this week, I met my mummy friend for coffee.

Thank you my dearest SashPetals for my lovely white laced dress!

We ate so much!

And even did dessert!
This was soooo nice... a caramel, nougat mix of heaven with a generous dollop of macadamia ice-cream!

I really like it alot!

I went home..and soon it was dinner time!

We had a simple Korean dinner at Esplanade.

There was kimchi in every dish but what I love most is the raw garlic that goes with the BBQ!

The lace details on the dress is amazing.
(Black sash does not come with.)

The black&white of my dress reminded me of the ceiling in Esplanade!
So beautiful.

Walking towards the box office, I saw huge 'trees' and leaves made out of paper where people wrote their wishes down and stuck them so prettily on the wall!

One of the wishes read,"Be strong Japan. Love and peace forever, Singapore."
It was an extremely sweet way reading all the sincere wishes to end my lovely evening with the family.

I wish everyone love and peace too.
Take care.


Thank you SashPetals once again for the fast and efficient service!
The owners are such sweet girls - I got my dress in perfect condition and their clothes are of great quality!

Can u also believe that the dress Im wearing is ON SALE NOW?!!
Usually priced at $28/-, it is now only $25 and wait, thats not all...!

All readers can quote 'elaine73' for FREE NORMAL MAIL + $2 OFF EACH ITEM PURCHASED!

What a great deal, girls!
Have fun shopping, its a great way of retail therapy before you stress about who to vote for this weekend!

Remember to check out Collection 3: Corporate Chic now!


Love ya.


Jealous girl: hahhahaha u very funny! Maldives is a lovely place, but we are very fortunate to have similar beach resorts near us!!! Although the weather n water might not be as great, but Phuket, Koh Samui and Bali are cheaper alternatives! And no need to dive there too! kekekekekke! :p

MelroseMedley: You are very welcome dear! Hope u like the pics! :D I didnt need to do anything special.. the dress is really sweet to begin with... hehe.

Florence: Oh dear, rain is one of my biggest concern too. I hope it will not rain the day I take my pics! :( And were u on that flight too? Grinz.. u should have said 'hi' to me!!!!! :):)
R u on holiday?? Or do u live there now?

angel: Oooooh thats my fav Crystal Jade in Vivocity! But must book in advance.. they are sooo busy esp on weekends where ppl head there for dim sum and great view of sentosa!

lynn: Wow u are good! I didnt even notice the ring myself!!! :p
I intend to post a pic on it on my wedding day. :D

tiffi: U're welcome! I hope I can do up a makeup & hair post by this weekend! I will jia you de!!

angel: Wahahhhaha yesh!!! Hello Kitty is my zui ai.. I go everywhere with her!

audrey: Thankssss dear!!! I look blissful meh?? Hahhaha actually I laughing at Jungle Boy coz he was trying to balance his DSLR with one hand n yet holding my hand with another!! Weirdly the pic came out quite nice hor!!! *thick-skinned* :p

patricia: I stayed at the Impiana Private Villa. It is accessible to Kata Beach easily, and is about 5 mins walk away from Kata Noi shopping area. However it is 20 mins (by taxi) to Patong where it is livelier, and more crowded.
However, we both like how peaceful Impiana Kata Noi is, with only 4 villas and 7 suites.
We had a personal butler 24/7, so everything was quite taken care of.
Price-wise, I think u can email the hotel more details becoz I am not very sure.
Hope this helps!

Ok good nite dear all!

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